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thewhiskyguy started a discussion

Hey Everyone,

Sure you'll most likely have see either on Facebook or Twitter that I'm in the process of trying to open the first whisky distillery in London in just over 100 years. Had a couple of meeting with investors and have been ask to prove the market a little before a meeting next week.

I've put a together a survey using Survey Monkey, which is very short and should only take no more than 3mins.

The URL is surveymonkey.com/s/…

Thanks Darren

12 years ago

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Alanjp replied

Hey Darren, I saw the London Distillery had begun following me but didnt realise it was you behind it at first! I've done the survey, and best of luck!

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jeanluc replied

Darren I will echo those sentiments and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, please keep us informed of your progress and if there is anything we can do to help just let us know.

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Mantisking replied

Filled out the survy. Good luck!

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done, and I wish you good luck!!!

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Fons replied

Done, and good luck!

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thewhiskyguy replied

Thanks everyone! It's all very exciting and will make sure we keep you updated. D

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thewhiskyguy replied

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for doing the Survey!

Just incase anyone is interested and not seen on our twitter (@londonwhisky), or our facebook page (facebook.com/pages/…) we've opened up some space for smaller investments in the distillery.

There are 50 spaces in total, but you can find more info on the TLDC site thelondondistillerycompany.com/founders-clu….

I've started looking at potential locations this week and the round should close in the next 3 weeks at the latest!

Cheers D

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CaptinTom replied

Done, good luck.

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This looks like a pretty awesome venture. I wish the distillery much success!

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thewhiskyguy replied

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update as we're £212,000 funded, so only £38,000 to go!

We're on crowdcube.com/investment/… and the minimum investment is £500 for anyone who might be interested (business plan, etc... is on there).

Found a locationa and sent some pre-licensing bits to HMRC this week. Working on the branding, so not too far off now.

Also, here's a link to an interview with Jim at The Malted Muse about what we'll be doing and should have another interview up on Whisky Market Place in the coming weeks


Cheers Darren

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Mountrain replied

@thewhiskyguy Great Idea, wouldn't source your water from the Thames though matey ;)

Like Balcones Baby Blue Whiskey shows -There is alot of merit in letting artisan enthusiasts make small batch whiskey for the Market . Best of Luck

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