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Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark

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BReview by @BourbonNorth1

13th Nov 2012


Maker's Mark
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Whiskey tasted neat.

Appearance: straw-gold colour.

Nose: A fair bit of alcohol, some vanilla, caramel, brown sugar becoming more prevalent with time.

Palate: Sweet and somewhat plain; a very 'forward' flavor profile. Caramel, brown sugar, a bit of toast, some vanilla, very mild oak.

Finish: very short with little hint of spice.

Overall impressions: a fairly good 'gateway' bourbon, it's quite sweet and fairly mildly flavored but it's not terribly interesting and its price put it in competition with bourbons that are decidedly better. The astringent quality of alcohol comes through quite strongly at times, as well - compared to Woodford Reserve, which I have also reviewed and which has essentially the same ABV, the alcohol is much more prevalent here.

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Victor commented

I couldn't agree more with you about standard Maker's Mark and alcohol greeting. I've said so several times on this site already. The alcohol greeting of this is typically remarkably high for a mere 45% ABV whiskey, in my experience. 2010 George T. Stagg at 71.5% ABV has virtually no noticeable alcohol sipped neat, by contrast. Perception of alcohol is not about % ABV.

I don't consider Maker's Mark to be a sipper, for me. It makes an excellent mixer, though.

@BourbonNorth1, I would be interested to see how you find Maker's 46. Opinion varies a lot on that one. It is a favourite whiskey for some. For me, it is decisively superior to standard Maker's, but others of my friends, such as @dbk, for whom I have great respect, feels it still doesn't quite get there to make the cut for him. I enjoy sipping Maker's 46, but not standard Maker's.

Good to see another bourbon fan North of the Border.

11 years ago 0

BourbonNorth1 commented

Thanks Victor. Yeah it's very interesting how strong the alcohol greeting in Maker's is, I just reviewed a bottle of Booker's at 65% and found it substantially less 'boozy'. I'd also agree with you on Maker's being more of a mixer.

As for Maker's 46, I think it's decidedly a better bourbon than the original. For not all that much more money, you get a bourbon that, to me, has a lot more balance and a lot more to it. Don't have a bottle on hand for the moment, but I'm probably going to get one in the not too distant future and I'll be sure to put a review of it up then.


11 years ago 0

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