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Michael Jackson Blend

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Michael Jackson Blend

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Michael Jackson Blend

The Michael Jackson Special Blend was created by Whisky Magazine. This blend has whisky from the opened bottles of Michael Jackson's (writer not singer) whisky collection. For me this was one the weirdest whiskies I've tasted. Especially the finish which offered me a cool, slightly minty breeze at the very end. And the breeze came so late, almost seconds away from the last hints of aftertaste. Another weird thing: every step of the whisky seems to depart from the other very much.

Even though this is nothing special when it comes to taste, it is an adventurous blend in honor of a great man. I'm sure Mr. Jackson would appreciate it because it leaves a mark. I'm sure I'll remember this much better than the other whiskies with same score.

It is surely not in great balance but that's what probably saves it. Otherwise I wouldn't spend this much text for it, it wouldn't leave a mark, as I mentioned before. Full of surprises in a disorderly world, pretty much what Alice experienced in Wonderland.

Nose: Very fresh and with weird combo. Sweet vanilla is mixed with a fruit salad.

Taste: A bit creamy and spicy, not as sweet as the nose would imply. Toffee is there.

Finish: Long, malty and mildly sherried. The aftertaste isn't anything special but it offered me surprises at the very end as I said before.

Balance: Not greatly in balance but in this case, it kinda saves the whisky. Gives you something to reminisce.

@Rantavahti, yes, "interesting" has its place in whisky affection also, along with "delicious", "beautiful", "balanced", etc. We do need some variety, and entertainment can be derived from whiskies that are more conversation pieces than great works of art. "Here, take a taste of this and tell me what you are tasting, and what you think it is..."

What would you have thought about what this was if you had tried to figure it out in a blind tasting?

That's a good question. If I'm being honest, my head would have turned blank in a blind tasting. I guess I could have guessed that it's a blended malt because of the inconsistency. Then again, the inconsistency was so funky and characteristic, which isn't usually the case with blends (where ingredients seem to cancel each other out).

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