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Mortlach 16 Year Old

Edinburgh treat

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@dramsamReview by @dramsam

7th Oct 2015


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Wow! a deliciously sweet and fragrant dram, cost me a bit in The Albanach ob Edinburgh's Royal Mile but worth every penny, £12.95 Nose..dry, sherry quite sweet with smoke and peat. Palate...sherry and spice, smoke, peat, fruity and very assertive. Finish....long dry and extremely flavoursome

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Nozinan commented

Really? 100?

Nothing exists that is better than a colored, chill-filtered 16 YO middle aged mass-produced spirit bottled at 43%?

Taste is subjective, but I remain a skeptic...

6 years ago 0

maltmate302 commented

I've got to agree with @Nozinan on this issue , I'm not disputing that it's a very good dram, what I am disputing is that it's worth a score of 100. If you come across a better whisky than the Mortlach 16 what score are you going to give it. Handing out scores of a 100 paints you into a corner and leaves you nowhere to go. What if one day you get to taste a 1937 Macallan, are you going to give it the same score as the Mortlach 16?

6 years ago 0

dramsam commented

nose and taste are to be individual to the drinker, i enjoyed the old and rare immensely. i don't pretend to be a great whisky connoisseur, all i know is that i found it a delightful dram...each to his own as they say

6 years ago 0

Pierre_W commented

Excellent stuff, the Mortlach 16yo, upper 80s in my book...

6 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

Excellent stuff, the Mortlach 16yo, easy 100 in my book...


6 years ago 0

Nozinan commented


Not sure if the above expression will print out properly on Connosr, but it is supposed to be an expression of disbelief in Korean....

@Oljas, are you serious or just pulling my leg?

6 years ago 0

CaskMaster commented

I remember the first time I tried this bottling in '02. Back when there was a fairly standard selection of whiskies in most bars. It really did blow me away and would have easily been a 90+ for me then. Times have changed and we are most definitely spoilt for choice, even in the supermarkets let alone specialist bottle shops, so I guess 100 is a little high with that in mind.

That said out of the hundred odd people I have given a dram of this to behind the bar over the years it has never failed to impress expert and novice alike it contains so much yet is incredibly approachable.

It's a real shame the new Rare old and 18 distillery bottlings don't deliver the same great taste experience in my opinion.

6 years ago 0

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