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Music to have a dram to!

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Wills started a discussion

Dear community

I am music-affine and I guess some of you are too. Guess we need a thread for music. Just if you want to share a nice track or something like that.

I am enjoying my first Japanese whisky (Nikka from the Barrel) right now while listening to some nice eletronical music. Not so typical for a whisky-drinker I guess, but hey, who cares ;)

Don't know if you dislike the idea because this thread is reckless non-relating.

Caribou "Sun" - www.youtube.com/watch

Klangkarussell "Sternenkinder" - youtube.com/watch/…

Just discoverd some really funny guys from France, I love their stuff! Duel (Cirade, Staïcu) "Habanera & Take a Walk on the Wild Side" - www.youtube.com/watch

11 years ago

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maltymatt replied

Seems like a really good idea,music have a great place for me when im drinking whisky,but not all type of music.Most of the time i use to listen at all type of music but to drink whisky,i like to listen some smooth piano jazz,like keith jarrett or ketil bjornstad,great stuff.My favorite: youtu.be/f4TKJyMBdTU

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Abunadhman replied

@maltymatt: +1 Keith Jarrett. A favorite of mine is the late Shirley Horn "The Singers' Singer" who seems to improve the flavor of any old 'drop'!

Shirley Horn, 1934 - 2005, Jazz Singer, Pianist and Composer/Arranger.

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WhiskyBee replied

Beer is for rock. Whisky is for jazz. Miles, Duke, Coltrane, Oscar Peterson are among my favorites...and Mr. Sinatra, who I use for my profile pic.

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Wills replied

@WhiskyBee In my opinion it's not that easy. Well I don't wanna taste that super special dram to Blues or Metal, but I will pair it with an every day dram.

But that's not the point of this thread imo. It's non-whisky-related. Just 'good' music, whatever your understanding of this phrase is.

For Jazz I can recommend Shai Maestro and/or Avishai Cohen to you: www.youtube.com/watch www.youtube.com/watch

@WhiskyBee I love the guys you mentioned too! For big band there can just be Frank Sinatra for me, otherwise I seldomly like it so much. Art Blakey is a amazing too.

Also wonderful: Islandic band Sigur Ros: youtube.com/watch/…

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) is great: www.youtube.com/watch

One of my favorite classical pieces is by Samuel Barber 'Adagio for Strings'. It's kinda heavy and may be sad/melancholic, but it's a masterpiece in my eyes: www.youtube.com/watch

I also enjoy Bluesrock quite alot www.youtube.com/watch

OK enough spam, sry

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BlueNote replied

Japanese whisky @ Wills? Take a listen to Indigo Jam Unit for some fine Japanese jazz.. Search Indigo Jam Unit on You tube and check out Rush: first take live for a taste. Excellent players.

I also like to listen to just about anything by Michel Petrucciani, Amad Jamal or Bill Evans while enjoying a Sunday afternoon dram. Early Oregon, when Colin Walcott was still alive is also great for a good dram and a good book. Can't beat Lucinda Williams for a great whisky drinking atmosphere on a Saturday night. Sometimes some Ronnie Earl blues is just the right sound for dramming.


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Wills replied

Thx guys, I will check out every single recommendation :)

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NilsG replied

Nice! To me this is far from non-related. Music and whisky goes together just as well as for instance whisky/chocolate. The two are both consumed for the shear enjoyment. There are so many parallels between music and whisky I don't know where to begin. Whisky is nothing less than music for the nose and mouth (well you get drunk on whisky...you can still drive after listening to music).

However, unlike the whisky/chocolate relationship, what music goes well with your whisky is depending most on what kind of music you happen to like, rather that what whisky you have in the glass (although there are certain music styles that may be associated with certain beverages as WhiskyBee mentions).

Personally electronic dance music lies closest to my heart, and Whisky to me is Dubstep. The first time you taste/listen to it, it is too rough, overwhelming to the point one cannot appreciate the details and the tremendous amount of effort and passion put behind the production of it . It's a highly acquired taste. But when you finally get tuned into it, there is a beautiful and complex world of perfectly balanced flavours/sounds to enjoy.

Wills: The "Sternekinder" tune gave me goosebumps, nice track! By the way, it suits a Japanese whisky cause the song is in Japanese.

Here is my contribution to the song recommendations. An easy drinking Dubstep remix of a "Florence & the Machine" song made by an up and coming EDM producer; Seven Lions. Nose: Sweet, floral, not too complex. Palate: An explosion of sounds. Deep but not overpowering bass. Heavy saw wave synths and drums that are fairly mellow for this style of music. Finish: Dramatic and driving. The drums become more prominent. Score: 92 www.youtube.com/watch

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Wills replied

@NilsG Haha thx for this great response, I like your dubstep-relation and the 'review' a lot!

And nice to hear that you liked the whisky-unusual track I posted. Didn't know this is Japanese, sounded a little African for me. Unfortunately I don't have an African dram :D

I have to brag a little bit: Tomorrow I see Caribou+Radiohead in Berlin live. I am so freaking looking forward. I am listening to Radiohead since I am 12 or so, Thom Yorke is just a genius!

Btw I enjoy Florence & the Machine, I think the original I like even more than ur posted remix. What actually comes in my mind is Beardyman. If you don't know him, he is so hilarious! He is beatboxing+looping all kind of music styles. I think you might like him too :)

For example: www.youtube.com/watch



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SquidgyAsh replied

Wills my friend! I've been wanting to post my favorite songs to drink whisky to ever since you've posted this thread but I've been crazy busy!!!

So here today I post my favorite whisky songs!

PianoGuys Michael Meets Mozart youtube.com/watch/…

Lindsey Stirling Shadows: youtube.com/watch/…

Lindsey Stirling: Spontaneous Me youtube.com/watch/…

Lindsey Stirling Crystalize youtube.com/watch/…

Lindsey Stirling Elements: youtube.com/watch/… (One of my favorites!)

PianoGuys: Secrets: youtube.com/watch/… One of my favorites!

Samuel Barbar: Adagio for Strings: www.youtube.com/watch

Carl Orff Carmina Burnana: www.youtube.com/watch

And I'm done with the spam! I hope you enjoy the music.

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Wills replied

@SquidgyAsh Thx for the reply. Nice you like 'Adagio for Strings'. As I already posted, I really like it a lot. This popular classical music is a splitter for me. Sometimes it is too much in my opinion, especially the marketing stuff. But sometimes I like it, e.g. Apocalyptica 'Nothing else matters': youtube.com/watch/… and 'One' youtube.com/watch/… I also like the Metallica versions, but this is awesome too.

And hearing something new is always interesting, like your posted dubstep-violin-stuff. Some years back I played the violin too, but I didn't know that something like this exists. Sounds quite special :)

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cpstecroix replied

@Wills I can't hear Barber's adagio without thinking of the movie Platoon...it was the music to the scene in which Alias dies. It's too melancholy for whisky for me, but a great song nonetheless.

I like jazz for whisky and classical as well.

JJ Grey and Mofro is perfect bourbon music... m.youtube.com//…

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Wills replied

@cpstecroix Indeed great funky bourbon music!

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FMichael replied

I say Frank & Dino...Maybe some "smooth jazz" as well.

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dmace replied

Anything from norah jones is dram-worthy :-)

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Wills replied

@two-bit-cowboy Thx that's great :)

Some weeks ago I was in Prague on the Charles Bridge, there were two nice blues bands, especially liked this one: youtube.com/watch/…

This is music to have a bourbon to. Maybe I am going to upload the video I recorded, just need to check out how this works ;)

btw @dmace Just ordered the new Norah Jones release yesterday, they also had a great offer on amazon.

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Whisky pretty much goes with any Blue Note or Riverside jazz and another good one is Mike Scott and the Waterboys. The latter is usually accompanied by a pint or three. Paul Weller's Style Council is another good selection.

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antihero replied

Tom Waits. 'Nuff said.

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misslauren replied

@WhiskyBee Given the tremendous range of rock music, there is much that I find apropos for listening along with a good dram - not rock of the Led Zeppelin or Lynyrd Skynyrd variety, but music that falls within the realm of rock nonetheless:

Tom Waits Steely Dan The Pogues Richard (and Linda) Thompson Mark Knopfler (solo only) Meshell Ndegeocello (I consider much of her material rock) Steve Earle James McMurtry M. Ward etc. etc. etc.

Suppose I won't be needing jazz for a while...

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BlueNote replied

@misslauren. Yeah, definitely the Pogues and Steely Dan ("Babylon Sisters, shake it"). How about a little country grunge with Lucinda Williams. Some Delta blues, R. L. Burnside (Wish I Was in Heaven Sittin' Down). @MrWhiskyPants. Bill Evans (at the Village Vanguard), Dexter Gordon (Our Man in Paris), Michel Petrucciani, (anything he ever did), Oregon, (Music of Another Present Era).

Eddie Reader if you want some great Scottish folk music to go with your Scotch Whisky. Kate Rusby if you like English folk.

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Wills replied

"Ghost Woman Blues" from The Low Anthem. This is so wonderful. When I hear it I just want to sit on a campfire in the forests of Canada while sipping a dram or two.


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misslauren replied

@BlueNote Lucinda is a good choice, though I'm more a fan of her early material which is more "beer and a shot" type music. I haven't listened to her that much since Car Wheels, which seemed like a letdown to me.

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