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Nant Double-Malt Unpeated

A young distillery hits their first attempt out of the park.

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@jdcookReview by @jdcook

6th Dec 2009


Nant Double-Malt Unpeated
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  • Brand: Nant
  • ABV: 43%

The Nant distillery is a small Tasmanian distillery run from a farm property near the town of Bothwell. A friend of mine dropped by and picked this up. In his words, he left with the impression that this was the Nant's first real "let's see if we can make a whisky" dram. It's a vatting of two separate single malts (hence the marketing speak 'double-malt').

The nose is fruity (pears mostly), malty, sweet and floral. The smell feels almost buttery with a light spirit burn just at the tale end of very deep sniffs.

The taste is syrupy and rich - sweet, caramel, fruity. It's rich like a cask strength whisky despite being diluted down to an industry standard ABV. It's simple, yet full of character.

The finish is warm and strong, relatively long, with floral and caramel notes and a spicy hint towards the end to balance everything out.

This was a genuinely fantastic whisky. I was blown away that such a new distillery could come up with such a rich and mature-seeming product. If this is their "let's see if we can make a whisky bottle" then I am very much looking forward to their products when they get down to continuous whisky production. I almost gave them an extra half star just because of how new this distillery is, but it doesn't need charity.


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