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Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt


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26th May 2015


Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt
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Nikka has entered the market with NAS bottlings from their two whisky distilleries. This is part one covering Miyagikyo. Sold in a 500ml bottle and a very cheap ¥1600 this just maybe the world’s cheapest single malt. The bottling is classic Japanese with white labels with black printed Kanji and Katakana, the edge of the substrate looks torn and homely. Placed on a shelf next to Suntory’s NAS expressions these bottles way under sell just on price. But how about on nosing and taste? Let’s find out. Nose: fruits, malt, rosemary, floral, tobacco

Taste: malt, liquorice, green grapes, crème brulee, marzipan

Finish: apples, pear, malt, saltiness, sherbet, orange peel

A malty green fruit bowl. The Japanese “malt monster”. This is all about the malt. I just repeated myself three times: malt. Thick and chewy and an easy sipper, while somewhat sweet. Sherry cask is used in aging, I am unsure for what length of time.

This is seriously good value for the price.

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Victor commented

If it is malty, then there is nothing to do but to say that it is malty. 'Malty' has its place, for sure. Thanks for your review.

84 points for an inexpensive malt is a pretty fine deal, indeed.

9 years ago 0

Frost commented

If I wasn't overseas, I'd like to sit this one on the shelf and see how the taste evolves from an opened bottle. I just have a hunch it would open up more.

8 years ago 0