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Nikka Yoichi 20 Year Old

Average score from 3 reviews and 8 ratings 90

Nikka Yoichi 20 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Nikka Yoichi
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 52.0%
  • Age: 20 year old

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Nikka Yoichi 20 Year Old

sample from a friend

Nose: Faint, not the most pungent here. All the same, there is beautiful integration. Pear, quiet apple and lemon, graphite. Oil (putty, I like this). Ginger. Stones and something almost coastal, but not fully. Sandalwood in the far rear, with just the slightest of spice and salt. (with water) Amps up the aromas. Moving here to caster sugar, sweet spice, soft and sweet wood. Candied walnuts and even a sweet smoke.

Palate: Yes, silky. The oak is so perfectly integrated. It shows up, and it's always in check and extremely balanced. Honey and honeyed. Graphite, light ash, and then some rancio. A little more sour fruit. (with water) A little more candied here as well, more rancio and walnuts, and delicious. Rather linear. Swims well, loses just a hair.

Finish: Some residual sweetness along with the graphite, lemon, and smoke - all subtle and dessert-like. This is really lovely and graceful, just a bit more subdued and linear than I'd have expected. Still, extremely well made, extremely enjoyable, and excellent.


I tried this one before, but it is such a fine whisky that it is no punishment to return to it. It won top honours at the 2008 World Whisky Awards. Need I say more?

The nose bursts with sherry influence. Fresh figs, dry apricots, some chocolate, sirop the Li├Ęge (dark pear syrup from Belgium), farmers butter, chewing tobacco, candied sugar and creaking old sofa leather. Wonderful.

It is very creamy and nicely spicy on the palate. Nutmeg passes with flying colors, then comes the pear syrup and smoke. Wonderful peat.

In the long, sweet finish a pinch of sea salt rears its head.

Wonderful whisky, no longer available.


So this was the last bottle I tasted (or that I have notes for, at least) on the Nikka stand. My writing has grown more spidery, and my taste buds seem to have reached the ability to discern great whisky, but not necessarily anything more useful.

However, I know I like this stuff.

My notes start with "Holy wow" on the nose. The same fresh forest smells with some wood polish as with the Taketsuru 17yr, but fresher, more lemony, grassier. Then damp mushroom (I love this smell), sea salt, and hints of peatier underflows.

My notes run out here. I have "B" for Body and "F" for Finish, but I seem to remember enjoying the whisky too much and talking to the guy on the stand. But it's not hard to see that the Japanese are on top form once again.

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