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Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 06.1 Scottish Barley

Brackish Delight

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

6th Nov 2015


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The peat bombs that Bruichladdich markets under the name Octormore are usually quite fruity and quaffable. This Ochdamh Mor is 5 years old and was released in 2013. The peat level is 167 ppm, but that does not mean a whole lot taste-wise, as you are about to read.

This is probably the most brackish nose I have ever had on a whisky. Nothing but salt, seawater and seaweeds. Then some cow hide, plasticine, ashes and fingerpaint. Only after a few moments do the sweet malt and garden herbs (dill and thyme) get a chance to manifest themselves. Fruit? Maybe some citrus in the background. Slowly but surely does turn somewhat sweet. Vanilla and honey.

On the palate it all starts quite brackish and quasi bitter. Like gulping down on a mouthful of seawater right after a big glass of Fanta lemon. But it works. Then the spices kick ini. Some pepper and some green garden herbs. And the peat? You would almost lose sight of it, but it does make for a grand development of smoke that continues on into the finish.

Said finish is very, very long. Yes, nothing but smoke and spices until it suddenly turns sweet again at the very end.

Brackish delight, dammit! I quite liked it, but found the previous version to be just a tad more fruity (and thus better). Thanks, Sam!

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