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Old Potrero 18th Century Style Rye Whiskey

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

4th May 2012


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So after months of attempting to get to our local whisky bar, Helvetica. Trying to dodge bad work days, sickness, public holidays, and an emergency appendicitis we finally made it.

It has been a VERY busy evening for my wife and I. We started what was term.

ed "The Date Night" with Glenfarclas 12 yr old at dinner and then Yamazaki 12 yr old, Hakushu 12 yr old, and Glenmorangie Nectar D'or.

We joined up with my brother and sister in law after quite a bit of confusion for what we termed as Family Whisky Fun Times for Amrut Fusion, Glenmorangie Astar, and Aberlour Abunadh batch 35.

Now was the time for the stuff of legends!

Old Potrero 18th Century Rye.

Now I had heard about this whisky for months now. From my friends here on Connosr, especially one of my whisky mentors Victor.

When I had originally planned to go to Helvetica this had NOT been on the list so I am EXTREMELY happy that my wife and I were not able to make our first few attempts to come visit because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to try this EXTREMELY different whisky.

Now when I saw that this whisky was on the menu I think the top of my head exploded off in excitement!

So I planned my tasting list carefully and excitably and worried that they would run out of Old Potrero before we were able to visit.

Happily this was not to be the case!

As I order a drink of this I REALLY have no idea of what to expect. I've heard this can be a weird whisky and I have no clue whatsoever to expect and I am sure to let my wife and my in laws know this. All I know is that this is like nothing we've never tried before.

I pass the glass around and everyone gives it a good nose.

One thing we all agree on is: Lemon grass and cut grass.

Between us we get is rye, hints of spice, alcohol and some sugar.

The flavor is similar: Cut grass, ryes, with a lot of sweetness.

The finish is long with lots of rye.

I've never left feeling so fulfilled and unsatisfied. My palate and those of my wife and in laws is unsufficient to the awesomeness of this whisky.

This is an AWESOME whisky with bags and bags of flavor with an insane amount of depth. Everyone pulled a little bit something different from the whisky, but we all got something awesome.

This whisky is something special and awesome, just as my mentor Victor described. It is EXTREMELY rare and I have only found it for around $160 AUS and even then I have not confirmed it.

I'm SO buying a bottle of this!!

Next on the block on Ardbeg Corryvreckin!!

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