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Old Potrero 18th Century Style Rye Whiskey

Funky fresh and good times

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nReview by @numen

6th Nov 2013


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Essay 10-RW-ARM-3-L

Nose: Always interesting, and remains distinct. Funky, with some buttery quality akin to fine aged agave. Ripe and funky fruit, grain, too, banana and apricot. Rye spice - off-sweetly malty -- and light honey and oak. Lots of fresh barley (or at least what I imagine it'd smell like) with the usual rye notes emerging, but only just, and in the background. The oak and grain is unique in this dram.

Palate: Honey, rye spice, sweet oak (not bitter, just dry) , rye bread, and then lots more funky barley. Sweet, off-sweet, spicy, a little sour, and a lot funky. Hm, no trends here. Perhaps even reminiscent of the funky and buttery rich quality in the background of kirschwasser or another fruit eau-de-vie from a fruit distilled with the stone still in the mix.

Finish: This is really a different number, and I can see how it wouldn't be for everybody. Fortunately, it is for me. A great change of pace number, and great in its own right if you go for this sort of thing. Fascinating to see how the same ingredients can produce such a broadly different profile with various differences in preparation. Flavorful and fun, a melange of qualities and characteristics. Hard to pin-point it, so let's be conservative around with this score

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Robert99 commented

Hi, I'm glad somebody else find the agave in it. I just want to suggest that if you would like your drinking experience to be less of a rocky mountain ride you could cool it down a bit. The other day I had my bottle in my car for a few hours when the weather was very cool and when I came inside and pour myself a dram I find it more focus and more balance. The grappa is still there for me but the whiskey is back. Wow!

7 years ago 0

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