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Old Taylor 6 Year Old

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Old Taylor 6 Year Old

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Old Taylor 6 Year Old

sample from a friend -- unsure whether this is from the original distillery or from Jim Beam (bottled in 1982)

Nose: A little funky and musty, and there's a brief note of peanut brittle. It calms down onto honey, wood shaving dust, apricot, pear, a little vanilla. Trace rye in the background. It's there, but it's all very faint. Glue emerges with time. This would have been really interesting with more punch and depth. Butterscotch fudge and caramel if you work at it.

Palate: Well, that's easy. Honey, light rye (at low proof), rye sugar candy, wood. Not a lot going on, and it's a bit watery. You could throw back lots of this.

Finish: Corn, oily, sweet, and a little wood. That's really it. A very easy drinker, but just not much 'there' there in terms of heft or flavors (or finish). Straightforward, and almost the definition of a C. Almost. I'll score it up a point just for the fun and easiness of it all.

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