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Parkers Heritage Collection 6th Edition

The Full Weight of Wheat Plus Rye

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@VictorReview by @Victor

3rd May 2013


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Parkers Heritage Collection is produced at the Heaven Hill Distillery. As of May 2013 this 6th Editon Parkers Heritage Collection whisky has been just recently released. The 6th Edition is a Four Grain Bourbon, using both wheat and rye as "flavoring grains". The whisky is at a barrel strength of 68.95% ABV. This is the darkest colour I have ever seen in a whisky. This review will be in sequential format

Nose: intense big vanilla, with high-pitched confectioner's sugar. Wheat and rye grains are individually identifiable, but somewhat cancel each other out in the nose. This is a lovely nose with top quality wood. Water mellows the nose in a very nice way

Taste: big excellent surprise here; you taste both the wheat and the rye in spades and the wheat and the rye taste good together, very very good together, doing a sort of merge similar to the merge that wheat makes with oak wood. This is unprecedented to me, this excellent result. This also does not taste of 68.95% alcohol. Fantastic neat. Water adds wood, caramel, and INcreased alcohol greeting to the palate

Finish: long long finish; everything holds up. Beautiful

Balance: big big whiskey, which makes a very big statement. This is the top of the standard Heaven Hill product line for a reason. I still am not highly enamoured with the combination of wheat and rye flavours in general, but there is no denying the excellence of this 6th Edition Parkers Heritage Collection Wheat Plus Rye Bourbon

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CanadianNinja commented

Hey Victor weren't we just talking about this!? Guess you've found another exception to your wheat/rye combination issue my friend ;)

7 years ago 0

Victor commented

@CanadianNinja, yes, we were talking about this in the context of the "What Flavours Don't you Like?" discussion. I do consider the Parkers Heritage Collection 6th Edition to be the first US whiskey which I have liked which combined wheat and rye together. The palate works a lot better for me with this than does the nose. I still don't think that these particular flavours combine well as a general rule. Parkers Heritage is a showcase for Heaven Hill, though...if they can't get 'wheat + rye' to work for Parkers Heritage, then they are never likely to get it to work. This one does work, though.

7 years ago 0

Pudge72 commented

Awww, man...another awesome PHC bottle to my cabinet!! ;) (might happen this summer when we go to visit a good friend who had to move back to California last year). I'm glad you finally found "The One" for the wheat/rye combo, 'Victor'!

7 years ago 0

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