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Parkers Heritage Collection

Park it in the Cabinet

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@HP12Review by @HP12

23rd Apr 2011


Parkers Heritage Collection
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This review is for Parker's Heritage Collection 10 Year Old 4th Edition. A wheated bourbon bottled in 2010, this is the 2nd dump sister of the first offering bottled earlier in the year (as Mr. Parker determined that all the barrels weren't quite ready at the same time). The first dump had slightly more ABV of 63.9%.

Produced by Heaven Hill Distillery, this is an expression pulled together from select barrels by famed master distiller Parker Beam (of the famous Jim Beam Bourbon family).

Dram tested in a 12 oz. snifter, neat, slight hand warming.

Nose: Molten brown sugar, ripe bananas, oak wrapped in vanilla. Ah, smells like freshly made Bananas Foster after a flambe presentation.

Palate: Smooth oily viscosity coats the mouth with well balanced dry sweetness with oak dovetailed in a shake of red pepper giving way to an E-Z dryish fade.

Finish: Nice follow thru package of not overly sweet brown sugar, pepper, vanilla oak covering the tongue evenly as the hints of all gradually release the senses into a calm peaceful place.

Balance: This cask strength non-chilled filtered expression is one smooth bourbon whiskey. For those who like "wheaters", this is a bottle that should be "parked" in the cabinet. With only 4800 bottles produced, this is something special and might want to consider grabbing a couple extras for the bunker.

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Pudge72 commented

Did you notice a chocolate component to the palate? This is what I most remember from the sample that I was spoiled with when 'Victor' and I got together with 'dbk' earlier this month. It is high on my list of bottles to get at Binny's by the end of the summer. Simply amazing...I've become a huge fan of 'wheaters' quite quickly!

12 years ago 0

HP12 commented

Now that you mention it, there are some hints of cocoa I am picking up. Not sure if my novice senses didn't notice it without some help or if I was overwhelmed by the thought of Bananas Foster. That nose is really special! Thanks for the comment @Pudge72!

12 years ago 0

dbk commented

So glad you liked this expression, @HP12. It really is a fantastic wheater, and I hope that Heaven Hill releases a brand based on the recipe (like the Weller line from Buffalo Trace). I am always happy to see more variety in the bourbon world, especially of this quality.

12 years ago 0

stevesmyth30 commented

I fell in love with this bourbon instantly. It is, quite honestly, in my top 5 all time pours for bourbon. I loved it so much, I went back and grabbed the last two bottles to "park" in the back of my cabinet, as they seem to be going fast.

Its funny that Pudge mentions the cocoa here. I picked up on this right away. Not in a bad way at all, just complex. I agree with the "oily" coating in my mouth...just stays there for weeks. And next time you pour this one, make sure you note the legs in the glass....this pour just hangs on the side of the glass for minutes. Overall a rich, substantial bourbon that honestly changes each time I sip it, and so far not one change for the worse. The next test is to pair it woth a good cigar and see how it holds up...i'm thinking it will hang in there with my Islay scotches.

11 years ago 0

Victor commented

@stevesmyth30, yes, what's not to like with Parker's Heritage Collection 10 year old wheated bourbon? Oh, ok, maybe the length of the name. Excellent stuff. I still remember my taste of it with @dbk and @Pudge72 from a year ago. More recently I get my sips of this 4.2 release at my sister's house (she was also with the three of us that evening in Hamilton). I do own bottles of the Fourth Edition 127.8 proof and Fifth Edition 100 proof Cognac Finish versions.

@dbk, I am with you completely that it would be a pity if Heaven Hill were not to keep these beauties coming. An ongoing formal line would seem to be a good idea.

@hp12, a shoutout to you, old friend! Long time no see! My Mormon friends store wheat in their bunkers, too. It is just in a slightly different form....

11 years ago 0

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