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Parkers Heritage Collection

Sweet and lovely wheater

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nReview by @numen

3rd Feb 2013


Parkers Heritage Collection
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Nose: Rather fruity (cherries and other pit fruit) at first. Shaved wood dust and corn sweetness. Honey-maple and dry coconut, and wood. Drop of cinnamon liqueur. Rich. Seems to be more than there is, but what's there is very good. Far softer wood. (with water) It's great, and needs to stay around or over 50% - below that and it loses too much - wood, great, simple wheat sweetness, vanilla, and candied almonds.

Palate: Honey, eggy French toast, dark cocoa, cedar, and cigars. A bit hot, but I really like this in drips and drops. Slightly acidic, leading to a bit of green apple at the mid-palate. (with water) great, simple honey-caramel sweetness, a light dollop of wood, corn, and more French toast.

Finish: Fades to great wood, and has just what a good wheater should have. Dry - not drying - wood finish. (with water) a little spicy and more French toast. some charred wood (ashy and earthy). Not sure whether I prefer it neat. It's got some residual heat, and it's extremely good.

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numen commented

This is the 10 year, 2010 release, wheated version.

11 years ago 0

Victor commented

@numen, thanks for this excellent review. This is the first review, other than from Mr. Murray, which I have seen of this particular expression, which is also known as Parkers Heritage Fourth Edition 10 yo (wheated). I have a special interest in this one because I have an unopened bottle of it.

11 years ago 0

stevesmyth30 commented

Well its good to get back on here....Life, work, kids...ahhh. So my thoughts on this one are slightly biased for two reasons. One, I am partial to wheated bourbons...love them, aside from the Pappy craze (lets not forget that Pappy is still great whiskey, even if the hype is beyond annoying). Secondly, I racked this open last week on a fishing/camping trip in a northern lake in Maine..so my mindset was already in paradise. I had two bottles of this saved, so I figured our once a year trip to the woods is the best reason to bring mybest juice. This bourbon is fantastic. I agree with the french toast palate. I think its the woody aspect that creates the "toast" in the french toast flavor. I tried it neat and with a few drops of delicious filtered northern Maine lake water. The water was great :) But I liked it better neat. A fantastic pour. This thing had long legs in my plastic cup, if that is possible. I compare it to the Wellers 12 year old with a bit more complexity. it finishes long like the wellers, but I found there to be an almost cherry cough drop finish there, but somehow not in a bad way? Anyways, its one of my top 10 bourbons ever..so that is saying something. However I still wonder if the call of the loons on the lake as I watched the sun set had any influence on how much I was enjoying this pour.

9 years ago 0

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