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Paul John Bold Peated

Average score from 3 reviews and 5 ratings 85

Paul John Bold Peated

Product details

  • Brand: Paul John
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 46.0%

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Paul John Bold Peated

When we think of Indian whisky, Amrut is surely top of mind, while Paul John often does not even come to mind. Justified or not? I already tried their Classic, Edited, Brilliance and Peated Select Cask. The only one I did not yet try is the Bold, but I am about to rectify that. Ha! This whisky even smells of India. Well, I mean incense, which I associate mostly with this country. Then I get some curry and angelica root! There comes the fruit, in the guise of dried apricots and baked apples, with a pinch of cinnamon on top. Finally some oranges, tobacco leaves and wet earth. Surprisingly complex and the best Paul John I have nosed so far. It is very creamy on the palate, very spice and sweet on leather, wood, mocha, Turkish Delight and a big dose of peat, baked apples and pears, a maritime touch, cedar wood… darn, this is very good and complexe and a pleasant surprise. A light bitterness as if from grapefruit and tea takes my taste buds hostage, while the spices simmer with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger in the lead. Full of flavor and intensly spicy with enough fruit to keep it nicely balanced. The finish is wonderfully long and smoky, sweet with a twist, while it leaves the mouth parched. Very pleasant surprise, good strength and good price – what’s not to like? Recommended.


No 3 of 3 offerings from Paul John Indian whisky.. This time I have the expression named ” bold” .. This is another expression from Master Distiller Michael John, again this expression is matured in American oak casks and stored in an underground temperature controlled cellars. They say what comes out is then sheer magic !image Once again this expression is bottled at 46%.. Nose.. There is the distinct aroma of smoke in this offering, not overpowering but certainly more pronounced than ” edited ” the sweetness is still there but more subtle, toffee apple and honeycomb are in the foreground while some fruity notes try to be noticed. Honey or rather manuka honey ( a little earthy ) has some presence. Palate.. A little more spicy than I expected, Lots of ginger and cinnamon, caramel and bold smokey flavours coat every inch of your mouth, that honey sweetness comes on the second wave dragging a lovely dark chocolate taste along with bitter coffee notes. Finish.. Punchy with a Devine smoke infused spice kick.. Thoughts.. I have really enjoyed trying these 3 expressions from Paul John Indian whisky, the complexity and vast array of flavours are a resounding success.. Indian whisky is certainly making a name for itself and deserves to be taken seriously.. All 3 expressions are extremely well priced ( £ 38-£42 mark ) I look forward to trying more expressions from the distillery..



Amrut, after having blazed an Indian trail across the whisky landscape, has in it's wake a solid single malt offering from Paul John Whisky from Goa.

Their spirit is nice and flavorful with a lot of tropical fruits. They also have a nice mix of peated and unpeated expressions to choose from alongside some rather tasty single cask offerings.

For the last few months or so I've been working hard to rub shoulders (read connect on Twitter) with whisky bloggers from around the world to basically increase my knowledge base and learn from the good ones. One of those bloggers is @TheWhiskyWire who routinely holds 'Tweet Tastings' for different expressions.

Essentially how this works is that interested bloggers get a 90ml sample from him and then at the exact same time around the world the samples are opened. What follows is a sort of collective global tasting notes on Twitter which allows for different opinions and comments. Needless to say it's a super fun exercise which lasts for about an hour.

You get to connect with other bloggers and share tasting notes making it a cool way to taste a whisky.

The Bold is fully peated, served at 46% and, as you can guess, my sample is from a 90ml mini.

Deep peat. Oak. Dates. Bananas. Chocolate. Wild berries. Sandalwood. Warm it up and the flavors come through more. Now more dark honey. Warm citrus. Bourbon. Vanilla. Hint of black pepper. Soft leather. Green tobacco leaf. Cigar box. I really like the nose. It's multi-layered and you can sit with it for a while. 23/25

Full bodied. Smoke. Tobaccos. It's quite savory. I might have wanted it to be just a touch on the sweeter side. All spice. Cinnamon. Oak. Bitter chocolate. Touch of salt. Brine. Aniseed. All enveloped in woodfire. The palate is nice enough but I feel the nose promise more. 21/25

Medium to long. Oak. All spice. 21/25

Look, this is not a bad whisky. I like the peat in here. It's different and nicely layered (especially the nose). I would have liked some of Paul Johns' signature fruity flavors to come out more but they didn't. Maybe they were going for a different approach. Does it work? Yes and No. Lovely nose, average palate and finish. Should you buy it? Sure, why not? Or maybe better split with a couple of friends.

Whatever said and done this was my first Tweet Tasting and so the experience was top notch even if the whisky really wasn't.

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