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Paul John Classic Select Cask

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Paul John Classic Select Cask

Product details

  • Brand: Paul John
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 55.2%
  • Bottled: 2013

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Paul John Classic Select Cask

When it comes to Indian whisky, Amrut gets all the accolades, but this distillery is really catching up when it comes to the quality of its single malts. Paul John established his distillery in 1992, distilled his first single malt in 2007 and produced his first bottling in 2012. Despite a temperature-controlled cellar, the heat (the distillery is on the tropical coast of Goa, while the barley grows on the foothills of the Himalayas) causes the expected fast maturation and heavy volume of angel's share.

Their Select Cask Classic is not single cask, but is blended from whiskies matured in ex-bourbon casks. It is non-age-statement. I purchased this bottle at auction, and it's been open for a few months.

The colour is medium brownish gold. Malty on the nose, with dates, brine, beef broth, charred oak, blood orange and light maple syrup. Quite spicy with cloves and cinnamon. A touch of mint. Classic bourbon cask notes of vanilla, honey and toffee. A drop of water increases the density of the beef broth, as if it's been reducing during a heavy boil. Extremely complex, and exquisite.

On the palate there is dark fruits, lime zest and deep oak. The alcohol stings the lips! Baked apples. Grapefruit. Fennel. Salt and pepper. Water makes it hotter and spicier. Enormously complex, rich and very satisfying.

The finish is rich and long with cloves, oak and cumin. This is incredible stuff. The complexity is enormous, and yet so harmonized you can pick out the individual influences on the whisky (bourbon cask, char, fruity spirit, briny environment, etc). And you really don't need to add water, it's pretty easy to drink without it. I really need to find more whiskies from this distillery!

Good review, must try this

Great review, @talexander. I was tickled to see some Paul John whisky finally become available in my region recently. It is not inexpensive, but for top quality it will be worth the cost.


imageThe Indian whisky invasion takes another big step with the incredible Paul John Classic.. This is a batch release created by Master Distiller Michael John who first started his journey back in 1993 and later in 2009 became the Master distiller for Paul John whisky through John Distilleries. The whisky is created in Goa where the most modern technology was used also side two traditional copper pot stills that have a capacity of 3000 litres per day.. A while back I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Shilton Almeida the regional manager for Paul John whisky, now for anyone who does not know Shilton , he is one of the most polite, enthusiastic people you will ever meet. During our meeting we made our way through the core range then along came the opertunity to try this limited release, made up from a vatting of 100 casks and bottled at 55.2% abv I expected it to be good but didn’t expect it to be as good as I thought it was on the night.. So I had to re visit this malt in my familiar surroundings to re check if it really was that good.. These are my thoughts from the second visit.. Nose.. A lot more fruity than I remember, ripe pear, banana and peaches, vanilla and rich honey are also more prominent.. But wait.. Yes here is the spice.. That explosion of aromas that I remembered just hit me.. Lots of cinnamon and nutmeg, some pepper and ginger.. The fruit and vanilla blend well but they are very much a backdrop to the spice.. A subtle oaky note eventually gets to be noticed after several minutes.

Palate.. Pear and ripe banana with luscious honey drizzled over, some burnt sugared almonds and candied orange are detected before the barrage of spices flood over and bring fresh spice, ginger and nutmeg with a twist of cinnamon and a vanilla essence flavour all the time the fruity side is fighting to get noticed.. Subtle oak mixes with chocolate and coffee notes and then there are some barley sugar flavour that just keep popping up.

Finish.. Long and spicy with a twist of oak.

Thoughts.. Do I like it.. Yes I do.. Will I buy it.. Yes I will.. Do I want more.. You bet I do.. This is quite incredible, the flavours are non stop, it is big, it is bold and has a multitude of layers.. Every time you take a sip it changes, it’s spicy, it’s fruity but it’s never dull..

@sorren, thank you for your lovely informative review.

We have yet to see any of the Paul John whiskies where we live, but I am looking forward to one day getting the experience of them. They sound wonderful.

victor this whisky is very good, each time I try them I'm more and more impressed.. The classic select cask offering is excellent and so far the single barrels have been very enjoyable.. Frost.. They are indeed all ex bourbon casks..


Until recently I had not even heard of the Paul John Single Malt. John Distilleries was founded in 1992 by Paul John and their single malts already won quite a few awards. Yet it took until a festival in Belgium end of last year for me to check out the bottles for the first time. Their entry level malt – if you can call it that – is matured on American White Oak (virgin?) and ex bourbon barrels.

The nose is honeysweet, but with an exotic edge. Fig pie sprinkled with spices. Some frangipane and humus. Sounds like a weird combination, but it does work. After a few minutes it evolves towards a cherry liqueur on steroids with some liquorice. Adding water offers coconut peel. Quite nice.

The attack is spicy, but also somewhat alcoholic. Pity. The taste suffers from it. Not only spicy, but mostly honeysweet. A bit like Mon Chérie, the chocolate candy with a cherry inside, as well as the liqueur of the same. Consistent to say the least. Diluted it becomes sweeter stil, but also somewhat dry if you know what I mean.

The finish is pretty long and spicy, but remains utterly sweet.

A pleasant surprise, but too sweet to my taste.

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