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Paul John Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish

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Paul John Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish

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Paul John Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish

You have heard the rumours have you not ? Paul John are going to release an Oloroso cask.. its all been pretty hush hush with not too much information.. But guess what, the rumours are over and I now have the privilege of reviewing the first ever release from Paul John which has had a period of finishing in an Oloroso cask.. This whisky has spent 3 years in an American oak bourbon cask of which Paul John has made its name from and then a further 4 years in the finest Oloroso cask..

This single cask has been bottled at 57.4% abv and has no colour added and is NCF.. There are only 252 bottles to be sold world wide and only 30 for the Uk. The rrp for this release will be around £200..

Nose.. Very fresh and full of sweetness.. Vanilla, caramel, toffee, dates, candied oranges, figs, plums and exotic fruits.. A lovely spicy note develops releasing cinnamon, ginger and a little nutmeg while dark chocolate and espresso coffee notes gently caress the senses.

Palate.. A little drying at first with those dark fruits being a little more prominent.. Rich Turkish delight, ripe plums and dates are all wrapped up in a vanilla and caramel jacket, sugared Almonds and waffles smothered in maple syrup just give this a most Devine flavour.. just as you think you have tasted all this has to offer it opens up even more to give you an exotic twist of banana, mango and spices that just tease you to the edge of reason.. WOW.

Finish.. Spiced oak that lingers like it should .. Thoughts.. I’m not sure why I am surprised that this Paul John Oloroso cask is just so different to what I expected.. This is packed full of the best Bourbon like flavours and aromas with a twist of the finest sherry before it slaps you again with a third exotic twist.. Anyone who has not been impressed with these guys and what they are doing should really take another look.. Everything they are doing is impressive, the whisky is extremely complex and just so full of surprises ! I picked the single cask #1906 as my whisky of 2016 for the simple reason it gave me everything a whisky should.. This single Oloroso cask has just taken my expectations to another level.. Phenomenal !!!!!

If only it were available in Canada...


@sorren A lot of people would be ready to do crazy things to get tease just to the edge of reason. Wow! Great review!

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