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Penderyn Port Wood

Portwood - Summer, Fall, Winter

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IReview by @IanABS94

2nd Jul 2013


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Happy Canada Day to all fellow Canadians today and I hope you have a good one!

I had a dram of Penderyn Portwood yesterday and decided to do a quick review of it.

The nose of this whisky obviously has a hint of port. There is a rush of raisins and dried dates. It pours a nice deep copper, which is very pleasant to the eye.

When tasting, you can definitely conclude that this was put in port casks. This whisky is begging to have a rich desert accompanying it. A nice chocolate cake and a dram of this would be wonderful in fall or winter.

On the other side, this whisky is light enough on the palate to be a delightful dram to have when the sun is setting on a perfect summer evening.

Although this is a good whisky, there is not much making it a great whisky. It's price point ($69.90 LCBO) make it one that should be more of an exploration of whisky than anything else.

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Rigmorole commented

If you paid $70 for this one, then you got a bette deal than you seem to think. The Canadian dollar is fairly close to the American dollar now, thanks to federal reserve financial manipulation/quackery, so I still think you came out ahead. I would gladly pay 70 buckaroos for this one. Nice review, if a bit short on the actual tasting notes

8 years ago 0

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