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Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

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Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

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Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

Yes, this Pike Ceek just received the best Canadian whisky award at the world's whiskies award. My queston: Is it deserved?

Even if I'm Canadian myself, I am not a fan of Canadian whiskies. But I find it's my patriotic duty to buy Canadian whiskies from time to time. Of course, that means I have to drink Canadian whiskies from time to time. Life is tough! So, time to go to work!

On the nose, I find the regular notes for a Canadian rye that are the cherry, the orange, the mint and the maple (a lot like the maple in the pot still from Forty Creek). At those you can add some almond extract and some balsemic vinegar. The nose is quite vibrant and you are surprise to read that it is only 40% of alccol.

On the palate, the body is smooth. The flavors are exactly the same as the nose. The balsemic maybe is absent and the sweetness transforms the maple wood into maple butter. Everything else is there but not as well defined as the nose is.

The finish is not as long as you would expect it, shorter then the Gibson's finest and rare 18 yo which doesn't taste as big as this one, but is a bit oily and add a whiff of lavender that I don't know what to make of.

For a Canadian whisky it is very good and truly Canadian. It is very tastefull even if the spice kick is gentle. So, I think it deserves its title! For me, I find that all the Canadian rye have the same story going down. By that, I mean that the noses are intriguing and interesting, the palate are in line with the nose but loose some complexity to the sweetness and the finish are not long enough. But saying that, if you like Canadian style, go for it!


As I’m starved for any quality Canadian products in my neck of the woods, I tend to snatch up anything I can get my hands on. I had seen Pike Creek mentioned online, but knew very little about it. But when I saw a 50ml sampler of it on a local store shelf a few weeks back, I couldn’t resist. While this is decidedly no Wiser’s, it’s still a fun and adventurous product from our friends at Corby’s. Port cask finish on a Canadian rye? Why not?

Nose: Initially we’re greeted with woody notes; cedar, maple, and wood chips. With time comes a drying fruity character with a strong wine presence. I’m getting big whiffs of port (go figure!), raisins, blood oranges, grapefruit, and red apples. Finally, there’s caramel, maple syrup, banana bread, mild rye, and a strong herbal/vegetal note that reminds me of Angostura bitters. I’m struck by how dynamic this is. The nose seems to change character with every passing minute. It’s quite a dynamic nose with a generally dry character.

Palate: Quick arrival. I’m first struck by the texture here. Velvety smooth mouthfeel. Initially salty, then a zesty citrus note quickly moves in. The rye here is mild and subdued. Sangria, ginger ale, sultanas, maple, butterscotch, and blood oranges. Much juicer than the dry nose suggested. I’m enjoying this.

Finish: That lovely, juicy sultana note persists. There’s also caramel, licorice, hints of oak and maple, bitter coffee, butterscotch, and a faint, lingering citrus note. Pleasant, but a bit short-lived.

This is a hard whisky to peg. It’s dynamic. Perhaps it’s a bit too dynamic. I never know what flavour will dominate my next sniff/sip. It seems to bounce randomly between sultanas, caramel, wood, and citrus. Each of these flavours is actually lovely on its own, but the overall effect is confused. A note that seemed emphasized a moment ago can disappear into the background as a new highlight appears. Also, the finish is nice, but quite short. However it redeems some points with a lovely mild rye character, a luxurious mouthfeel, and the interesting character imbued by the port finish. While it’s not on par with its cousins from Corby’s, Pike Creek is still a pleasant and special little whisky.


Pike Creek is a 10-year-old double-barreled Canadian whisky, and, despite the poor reputation of some Canadian whisky, this one is full-flavoured and mellow, a blend of oak-aged whisky finished in vintage port barrels. The aromas of the bottled product are a succulent blend of maple and citrus, a smell warm and inviting. On the palate the maple becomes more of a buttery toffee, complemented further by the fieriness of the alcohol. The aftertaste, at first the spice of the rye, is followed by a mouth-watering toffee richness, that extra depth supplied by its time spent in port barrels. Overall, a great find!

Wow, this sounds great! I'm based in Toronto, and I've never heard of it! Hopefully I will find it in Calgary when I get there on Thursday for a business trip...


Sampled in a Glencairn glass without water.

Colour: Pale to medium amber. Good legs down the glass.

Nose: Starts very subdued and subtle but then comes a very pleasant fruity smell, possibly raisins.

Taste: Very smooth, silky feel with the raisins coming through and a hint of liquorice.

Finish: Not very long but satisfying with the slight liquorice taste lingering. There's quite a sting in the tail for a 40% dram but very pleasant and warming.

All in all a very enjoyable dram. I have been informed that this whisky is no longer in production and therefore very rare. I feel very fortunate to have been able to sample some, even if it was in miniture format. I have also been told that full size bottles are as rare as rocking horse sh*t so getting hold of one is almost impossible and probably therefore beyond my pocket. This is a great shame as this is a dram I would greatly enjoy drinking on a regular basis. I did return to the shop where I found it and cleared the shelf of the remaining miniture bottles (two). Let's hope they manage to get some more.

I'll just have to try to find another whisk(e)y Canadian or otherwise which tastes similar, it's a tough job but someone has to do it. Cheers.

@IainVH...very nice review. Love the "rare as..." line. :) The "double barrel" refers to the finishing of the whiskey in port casks. My friend who has a bottle is reluctant to open it because it simply doesn't seem to exist anymore...I'm trying to convince him to open at some point soon. ;)

Does the shop where you found the mini's recall when they got those bottles? Do they know if it is still being made?

Hi Pudge. thanks for your comments. I didn't think to ask to be honest and due to the 50 miles or so distance to the shop I don't call in all that often. I'm planning to visit sometime between now and Christmas to indulge myself in one or two festive treats (and drop a few big hints to my girlfriend for one or two others) so I'll make enquiries then. I'll also clear the shelves of any other minitures which have appeared. I'll keep you posted. Cheers and happy tippling. Iain.

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