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Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01

Heavily peated?

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@Pete1969Review by @Pete1969

2nd Sep 2016


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Light gold in colour, thick oil rich spirit that coats the glass.

First aroma is cognac driven fruit ripe pear and lemon do come through but the peat and smoke are not prominent. As it sits and airs the smoke starts too make an appearance and tentative delicate peat from the depths of the glass, no medicinal harshness but a subtlety that exudes class. The most noticeable thing is the lack of alcohol burn by the end of ten minutes nosing I have my nose deep in the glass but no alcohol showing hints of white pepper and a rich vanilla note are present now.

Initial taste sweet rich oily and mouth coating, fruit pears and lemon again then the French oak takes charge spicy on the verge of mild chilli rather than pepper touch of ginger and then a merest hint of medicinal peat. The smokiness envelops the taste buds and the medicinal edge fades quickly with oak astringency taking over and puckering the edges of my tongue. Yet again the alcohol content does not make an appearance it is hot but spicy not alcohol burn.

Finish is long and warming sweet vanilla, spicy and smoky in the mouth with a long warming sensation as you swallow still no burn. The dry oakiness just encourage another sip.

I do like my heavily peated whisky Laphroaig and Ardbeg and I also like the spice of Talisker, this is not quite any of them but is a different beast altogether.

The 8 years in cognac casks have given it a robust cognac flavour while taking the edge off the peat, it is still present and shows itself throughout the experience but it is nuanced and subtle not the slap across the face of a Laphroaig and IMHO is much better for it. As an after dinner dram instead of a brandy/cognac this will do an excellent job as a regular sipper it is a little rich for my pocket but if I am travelling and have the cash this beauty will be a must buy.

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Ol_Jas commented

I've found this one pretty intriguing since I first heard of it, and this review certainly adds to that. I'd most surely be looking for it if I was traveling, and I'd probably dish at least $80-90 for it. How much are they actually asking?

3 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

@OlJas it is £70 at the airports in UK around 95 USD at current rates, more than I would normally pay for hit of peat Ardbeg 10 at Mid 40's but Oogy and Corry nearly £60 and with batch variant never sure if you will like them.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask and 10 can be picked up around £25-30 when on offer and are the obvious value buy.

For a once or twice a year purchase it is a wonderful dram and I will probably pick one up every time I travel in order to get a little stock in. Best thing with world of whisky at the airports is trying before you buy I always try to give myself extra time and sample a few they tend to only have the regular stuff on the sampling trolley but when they start talking to you and find out what you prefer they have better sample bottles in cupboards under the display, even let me try the Glenlivet 21 which was over £100.

The same guy has served me a few times now and knows I will have given myself an allowance for the trip so good marketing trying too get the extra few pounds from your pocket. Ended up with having too buy the wife some sunglasses when she saw what I had picked up last time.

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

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