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Port Charlotte PC7 Sin An Doigh Ileach

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@GT2Review by @GT2

27th May 2012


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Pouring straw to light gold, ridiculous thin, widely spaced tears with powerful formation. Nose up front is much too boozy near flammable. Needs to seriously decant for 10-15 minutes. Volatiles settle down and express rich honey, chamomile, bacon, richer Ardbeg type smolder, sea salt, and loads of fresh floral complexities. Really amazing. Taste up front is a tad hot from the 60+% abv but actually still drinkable without any cut. Honey, herbal tea, grassy meadow medley, salted bacon all meld together. Super rich and statisfying. The $150 price tag makes it less accessible than top Ardbegs it seems, but there is some elusive complexity in this Scotch that I don't find in some of my favorite Ardbegs. It really is a journey to explore this one. Can't wait to see how this matures over time.

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indynoir commented

I'm with ya...this one is special. They add sherry cask to the PC 7, not for sure if that's the elusive nuance amongst the blast of peat and smoke. Nice review!!

7 years ago 0

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