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Port Charlotte PC9 An Ataireachd Ard


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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

8th Jan 2012


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While 30.000 bottles of PC8 were released, aficionados of Port Charlotte had to make do with only 6.000 bottles of the PC9. I tried this one H2H with the PC8, but the way. An Ataireach Ard means ‘the surge of the sea’, so I am expecting a very coastal animal.

A lot of brine, some pepper, a hint of peat and even less fruit. Slightly soury on the nose, in fact. Mussels. Oh, well, that is coastal too, I guess. I also reminds me of a slice of cheese that was left in the frigde for too long. After a while, citrus and toffee shine trough. Not a great nose, if you ask me. Adding water does not offer solace.

The attack is creamy and sweet with a lot of mint and smoke. The soury nose turns lemon, ashes, chili peppers and brine on the palate. Adding water makes it sweeter, but also somewhat meaty.

The finish is very, very long, smoky and brine.

This is not exaclty my favourite expression of Port Charlotte. So let us look forward to the next release, the PC10, i.e. the 10 Year Old, which should thenceforth be the Port Charlotte flagship and conclude this great journey.

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vanPelt commented

Thanks for this, I've been wondering why I haven't heard much about this one. I wonder what would make this one more sea–like. Have you got around to trying the PC 10?

6 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

I have not yet tried the PC10 but do have it on my desk for future tasting, so stay tuned!

6 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

I was thinking more about this and wondering: how can the PC9 differ from the PC8 much? The PC8 didn't have much to do with "mussels" or "surge of the sea"; and furthermore you (and I guess others) rated this PC9 a full 5 points lower. Shouldn't it get better (9>8)? Is it not the same liquid in the same casks? Should I expect the PC10 to be even more "marine"? I feel like there is a real gap in my understanding on the basis of the PC9 release....

6 years ago 0

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