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Port Dundas 20 Year Old Special Releases bottled 2011

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Port Dundas 20 Year Old Special Releases bottled 2011

Product details

  • Brand: Port Dundas
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 57.4%
  • Bottled: 2011

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Port Dundas 20 Year Old Special Releases bottled 2011

Port Dundas closed just shy of two centuries of operation. The distillery closed the doors on the 1st of July 2009. The demolition of the iconic chimney was even broadcast live on television. We will taste an older one that Diageo launched in their yearly Special Editions of 2011. It was the first grain ever in that bespoke series. First it matured for three years on bourbon casks, then it got an impressive 17 year old second maturation on a combination of European oak, first fill bourbon casks and fomer sherry casks. The color says it all! The nose is simply stunning! Lots of sherry notes of cake with chocolate, plum liqueur, blueberries, oranges, candied syrup and parma violets (the purple gummi kind). Dates, strawberries, red-lace-candy, cherry juice and even something that reminds me of rum. Cinnamon and baker’s spices. Succulent, dark and complex. Sturdy arrival on the palate, nicely piquant on cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Immediately honeysweet on dark and red fruit, chocolate cookies with orange filling, hard strawberry candy but with a little extra in the guise of mild bitter wood notes. Some hazelnuts and cold coffee appear midpalate. Fine balance. The finish is long, dark, sweet, a tad bitter and drying, but most of all simply excellent! This is without a doubt one of the best Port Dundas – and maybe even grain whiskies – that I ever tried. Great but expensive!


My first scotch grain whisky. Since I've never been much of a blend kind of guy, I thought I was about to discover the reason behind my usual dislike for blends. But my oh my was I in for a surprise!

The nose is a full on rum-bourbon explosion. Sweet rum notes mixed with bourbon spiciness, maybe even rye whiskey? Rye with a question mark since I don't have any experience with rye so far, but if rye is anywhere near this, you'll see me go rye-nanas in that department soon! What do you say @Victor? Is this what rye is like?

On the nose as well as the palate I get spices, oak, cloves, cinnamon. In a blind tasting you could fool me if you told me I was drinking rum. This is sweet, robust and slightly metallic like a good well aged rum. With water added it's smooth and I'm taken right down to some hot plantation south of the equator.

The finish is long and peppery. This tasting is from a sample and my only concern with this would be that if I bought a bottle I would get tired of the sweetness in the long run (which is why I've always preferred whisky/whiskey to rum).

So even though I'm giving this a high score, I know why I still prefer scotch single malt to grain whisky. The sweetness is very intriguing but you can easily get too much of it...


from a purchased sample

Nose: Now that's rich sherry. Honey, caramel stewed with syrupy dates, chocolate, wood, and red jammy strawberries. Vanilla, cake frosting, cinnamon, and other sweet brown baking spices emerge with time. Spice came and rum. Really delicious. Actually, I could even mistake this for a lighter, but not overly sweet, demerara rum.

Palate: Thick and pretty much everything that was on the nose. Bitter, grainy coffee, too, with everything else. A little more wood. Oily/syrupy. Ginger, pepper, baking spices, caramel, and more of that demerara rum with vanilla. Really enjoying this.

Finish: Really great length and it merges everything in a really superb combo. Sweet, delicious bitterness, spice, rum, and both sherry and bourbon barrels come out. Shows just how great grain and sherry can come together. I'm totally on board with this. A-

Distillery was cut from the name -- this is Port Dundas

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