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Redbreast 12 Year Old


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5th Jan 2013


Redbreast 12 Year Old
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Following my fantastic 43 year old vintage, the owner of the pub got up and came back about five minutes later with two more drams for me. I was shocked. This was just way too much fun! He didn't tell me what they were. Nudging one of them in my direction he said "Okay, so this one's first. Tell me what you smell."

And off we went... what an experience!

Nose: Wow, like banana cream, nutmeg, hazelnut, caramel... what is this stuff? Talk about an awesome desert wine!

(At this point, he told me what I had - the Redbreast 12, an Irish Whiskey.)

Palate: Wow, this is great! Easy, approachable, something you could easily enjoy as a desert Whiskey if you were looking for something sweet. I found bisquit, caramel, more orchard fruits and banana, and an awesome maltiness comes through... easy, light yet sweet, and entirely enjoyable.

Finish: Smooth, lovely, more fruit and malt... that malt is fantastic.

Nothing too complex here at all, but just a good, easy, Irish Whiskey that would go great with a creamy desert.

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PMessinger commented

Great review I have this one in my cabinet but have not tried it yet, this is one I'll look forward to. Thanks. :)

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Bought it based upon Jim Murray's suggestion. I hate my bottle. Too bad you don't live in Portland Oregon. I would give it to you free. I think it tuns too hot, as in burning. Gotta leave it in glass for 30 minutes to drink it. Then it's palatable. I just don't taste the nuances in this one. Call me crazy. Oh well. . .. Tried mixing it with Caol Ila. No dice. I've been serving it to friends who come over. They all seem to like it. Diff'rent strokes. When I tell them that it won Murray's award for Irish Whiskey, then they love it. Before, not so much. . . . BTW: you wrote "desert" as in a dry arid burning place in the sand. I agree with that sentiment! To me, it is a desert, rather than a dessert! Still, I found your review quite interesting. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Maybe I should leave a pour in my glass for 45 minutes. Never done that yet. I also paid $70+ dollars for my bottle. Not sure why. Most bottles of Red Breast are cheaper in Oregon, I think. It was a fluke or a mistake at the liquor store. Just my luck.

11 years ago 0

UisgeJon commented

Well I'm sorry you don't enjoy your bottle. That's a bummer. Thanks for pointing out my typo. Writing on a tablet, those things happen from time to time. Oddly enough I actually do live in Portland! Strange.

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I'm happy to give you the rest of my bottle. There's a little less than half left in it. Just email me your telephone number. I live in southeast.

11 years ago 0