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Rock Hill Farms SB

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Rock Hill Farms SB

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Rock Hill Farms SB

When you can't find Elmer T. Lee or any of the Weller's at reasonable prices, you turn to what's available. I'm not disappointed in this purchase at all and find this to be a rather enjoyable bourbon.

Nose: Sweet, cotton candy, perfume, bergamot,cardamom, wood in the background. HMM...this is a high rye mash bill right?

Taste: Sweet, refreshing, spicy, with some cardamom. The rye is here but well behave. It's both earthy and herbal. Balance I feel is excellent, you can hold it and not be overwhelmed by the ABV, and the flavors intertwine very well, not one dominates the other. very reminiscent of Elmer T. Lee.

Finish: The finish is like some rye's very herbal, woody, and dry. Has some earth undertones as well.

Great stuff, but if I had to choose, stick with Weller or Elmer if you can find it reasonably priced.

Always liked the RHF just wish it was at a more reasonable price.

I'm really enjoying the bottle I picked up.

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