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Seagram's VO

Average score from 3 reviews and 8 ratings 73

Seagram's VO

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Seagram's VO

Nose: Light, with some rye spice and light oak drifting in and out of the background. It's a bit sour, with some light fruitiness. A bit bitter. I find as the nose opens it improves, with some custard, bourbon aromas, and vanilla. I find this one noses a bit better in a wide-nosed glass too. 80%

Taste: Nice viscosity, with some light, rye-tinged vanilla, and some slight bitterness. There's some light, sweet white grape-like fruitiness along with some bourbon notes fit in very nicely in the background. Quite easy to sip - it's light and pleasant, though the bits here and there of bitterness detract from the experience. There's even a light touch of acidity which is nicely balanced with the rest. 85%

Finish: Some pretty good weight and substance to the finish. At first, it feels quite "clean" as the whole taste brightens up and gets lighter and some more sweetness emerges, along with some white grape and light fresh banana flavours and generic fruitiness. Eventually, we are left with some dusty rye, light spices, and light fruitiness, and, from time to time, nutty and almond-like notes. 88%

Intrigue: The nose underperforms on this one, but I find it quite easy to sip on the palate. It's a bit light - but is fairly well balanced, though too much bitterness emerges here and there. However, I have to say the light, yet spicy, character is quite enjoyable and on the palate and finish this one is quite enjoyable - and it would certainly mix quite well. 80%

Weighting the nose 25%, taste 35%, Finish 15%, and Intrigue 25% the overall grade is 83.

*I realized I would never have time to upload all my Canadian whisky reviews to connosr properly, so I've been importing the tasting notes in bulk to expand the whisky base on connosr. For more info on the whisky (with simiklar tasting notes), see my post at whiskywon.wordpress.com/2014/06/…


Seagram's VO blended whisky was like a "good" B class movie: everyone knows it's actually not that good but some elements make it above the average.

Seagram's VO had the character of an usual, decent blended whisky but the fairly good nose and the creamy palate made it stand out from the other "bulk stuff".

Seagram's VO is Canadian and it's been made with spirit of at least 6 years of age. Nose being fairly good which raises the overall score a little bit. A real Toxic Avenger in a good way. Still toxic, though...

Nose: Very juicy and fresh. Fruity sweet with rye.

Taste: Buttery fruit marmalade with some honey.

Finish: Spicy and quick.

Balance: Average blend with above the average nose.


You can't get a more basic standard Canadian whisky. A light amber colour, medium bodied, with a buttery aroma of fruit. A light rye taste, with a buttery, spicy mouthfeel. A little too sweet for my tastes. A short but spicy finish. Nothing to get excited about.

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