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SMWS 93.38 - Stirs the atavistic soul

Dusty Curiosities

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@scribeReview by @scribe

2nd Jul 2010


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Reading my notes back for this whisky, I'm convinced its one of those bottles that a) you would never expect, b) would probably never choose to taste based on your own notes, and c) you're so glad exists once you've tried it. This was bottle number 2 in the SMWS' May "flight" (4 samples of whisky from their May out-turn). I'm just going to list my tasting notes and see what you reckon:

Nose: Marshmallow, talcum powder, delicate peaches and pears, with slight smoke and incense. Cloves? Yeah, dusty, clovey lemons. Rubbed on the hands, a leathery dry straw tone comes through. Musty attics. A few minutes to breathe, and more caramel comes out to play.

Body: The atavism is more present here. Alongside the smokiness, there's a spiciness. Curry, black pepper, red wine - a good switch of flavours, totally unexpected except for the tanned leatheriness from before. Pretty fascinating what's in here.

Finish: Drying, one of those drams that sucks all the moisture from your mouth like the dregs of a red wine bottle.

Overall, I put this in the "curiosities" department. It's a little haphazard, and the dryness to the finish makes it one to have in small bursts. But it's also interesting, distinctive, and unique. If you're serious about whisky, and get a chance to taste it, go for it.

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SMWS commented


Thanks for the review Scibe - interesting that you got the curry note same as Piero (something our own Tasting Panel didn't pick up on)

12 years ago 0

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