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Strathisla New Malt Distillate


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3rd Feb 2019


Strathisla New Malt Distillate
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Woohoo! Another new make. My list is becoming quite long. This new make is actually commercialised by Strathisla in 350ml bottles… or is it? The bottle clearly states ‘sample only, not for re-sale’. Anyway, lovely half bottle with their distillate at 63.5%, ready to go to sleep in the cask. Let’s give it a go!

Cleane nose on mashed patatoes, sauerkraut, raw meat and green beans. I know that does not sound especially appealing and in fact, it is not. Something of a weird new make, but very interesting. The second whiff offers up some fresh barley, some yeast and an unidentifiable sweet note. Something sour lurks underneath, like buttermilk that is overdue. My, my… special indeed. Adding water changes it completely, making it very sweet and herbal, as if I sprinkled my lawn with sugar water.

The attack is sweeter than anticipated and very spicy. I have less sour notes, all the more sweet notes. Surprisingly candy-like, in fact. Much nicer than the nose announced. Diluted it becomes less sweet and much more herbal. Lots of roots. It is not an improvement.

The sweetness lingers the longest in the long finish.

A somewhat weird new make because nose and taste are miles apart. Interesting? Yes! Good? No, not really. Thanks, Marcel!

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