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Suntory Hibiki 17 Year Old

Ever seen a grown man cry?

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WReview by @Wierdo

7th Apr 2019


Suntory Hibiki 17 Year Old
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I had this bottle as a present from my sister for my 40th just over 5 years ago.

The bottle (it comes in what looks like an oversized aftershave bottle) is long gone but I decanted the last 50ml and finally decided to drink it last night.


Typical Japanese from my experience. A very light and floral nose. Jasmine, hibiscus, some orange and scented candles.


Quite a thin mouthfeel. Arrival and development is all fruit oranges and plums. Some bees wax. And more plums. I've never picked up plums in a whisky as much as I have with this Hibiki.

Finish is reasonably long, more fruit, some bolied sweets and bonfire toffee and has the barest, barest whispering of smoke.


Is it the greatest whisky ever? No. Is it worth the huge sums people shell out for a bottle now? Of course not. But it was a beautifully balanced whisky and still the best Japanese whisky I've ever tasted (admittedly I think I've only had maybe 6 or 7).

This whisky reinforces the point that @Victor makes about if you like a whisky and you think the price is reasonable then stock up.

It was a present, I loved it. I decided this was a whisky I'd make damn sure I always had a bottle of in the house. I checked the price online, it was quite expensive (I think it was about £65-70 at the time. I promised myself it was worth it, I'd pick up another bottle, when I got round to it. As I watched the fill level drop I kept reminding myself to buy another. Then when I finally decided to pull the trigger the price was now over £100. Within a month every website said 'sold out'. They'd discontinued it.

I wish I'd brought 3 or 4 bottles (I could sell 1 bottle and pay for the other 3 and still make a profit).

I didn't add any water to this whisky but it was diluted with my tears as I drank.

I'll never drink this whisky again!

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