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Talisker 10 Year Old

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22nd Oct 2016


Talisker 10 Year Old
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I know that's a bold title to write about a malt which has been letting some of its fans down recently. However, not being a big Talisker drinker, I still must say that I've enjoyed this one a lot. Why the summary of whisky flavors? Read on!

NOSE: fresh and very complex. A hint of soap, pickle juice, salty sea water, pepper, peat and a remote note of smoke. All these savory notes, however, do not lead the nose of this whisky, they only complement the big fruit component which is really what stands out a lot here. Peaches and cream, apples, vanilla, citrus. The nose is so fresh, it reminds me of certain white wines. What I love about this nose is that everything is here. Want fruits? You'll get them here. Want some peat and smoke notes? There are also here. Want some marine salty character? Here you go. So, that's why I think it is a wonderful nose. 24/25

TASTE: warming, sweet toffee, big fruit again. Lovely oily mouthfeel. Almost like olive oil. This big oily fruit arrival is then balanced by a whole lot of pepper, a hint of smoke and salt. 22/25

FINISH: wood tannins, dessert-like finish, pepper, slightly mineral and creamy with a touch of peat. Relatively short finish 21/25

Balance: All the flavors are nicely balanced together. But I wish the finish was longer. 22/25

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I just love the fact that I get a very complex nose which has a little bit of everything in it, except for sherry. And the mouthfeel of this one is superb.

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Ol_Jas commented

I agree. If someone asks me "what does Scotch taste like?" my answer is "Talisker 10."

7 years ago 0