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Talisker 10 Year Old

One of the best!

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@Unkempt27Review by @Unkempt27

1st Jun 2012


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I remember the first time I tried this whisky. At the time I was a novice in the world of whisky tasting - Johnnie walker Black Label being the only scotch I owned. I enjoyed a glass or two, but I couldn't pick out flavours and subtle differences between whiskies - I really wasn't 'into' whisky then like I am today. And that is all down to this 10 year old Talisker.

I had been out for a walk with my wife (or fiancée, as she was at the time)and we decided to go for a drink. Behind the bar they had a little stand displaying 3 or 4 bottles of whisky, each with a brief description underneath. Immediately I was drawn to the dram described as 'smoky', and ordered a glass.

One sniff (or 'nosing' as I know know it is called) and my days of being a passive whisky drinker were over. I was hooked. "Wow" I said to my wife, who thought I was crazy. Whisky is whisky to her, as much as I've tried, in vain, to convince her otherwise.

Later that day I googled Talisker, and found that it was used in Johnnie Walker Black Label, the bottle I had at home. This led to finding out more about how whisky was made, the difference between blends and single malts, and has grown into quite a hobby. All thanks to Talisker 10yo.

Nose: Sweet, deep smoke, and lots of pepper. Brown Sugar. Slightly floral. Complex and intriguing, fantastic. The nose alone can keep you happy for a long time!

Taste: Pepper. Spices, cayenne pepper, and then WOW! Lots of smoke. Then, as the smoke dies down a little, the spices and pepper come back. A hint of plums, and very slight fish oil.

Finish: Oil, pepper. Then the smoke rises into a big, long finish. Superb.

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