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Talisker 10 Year Old

Talisker 10 YO

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pReview by @peanutaxis

1st Dec 2013


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I am not normally a peaty whisky fan, but I have to admit that this whisky is beautiful. Cheap too somehow. The smoke is dominant but not idiotic like Dettol - I mean Laphroaig. It's well balanced. Peppery, paprika too maybe. I normally complain about whiskys above 40%, I think it's just a marketing gimick. And don't get me wrong this one is a little high too but it wears it better than most.

(It is ridiculous that the work whisky is constantly underlined as being a spelling mistake for missing the letter e on a site whose very name is missing that letter!)

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Jules commented

Actually, it is the Scotch that is bottled at 'just' 40%abv that is the guilty party when it comes to marketing - watered down bottles to try and scrape a few extra $$$ out of the batches... then add lots of fancy labels and adverts to sell it to an already saturated Whisky market.

Alcohol is a carrier of flavour - the less alcohol you have in your bottle of Scotch, the less flavour it can offer.

Pure whisky does not set your tastebuds alight, it's a quite mundane malty taste - it is the flavours that the cask, the water used, and the surrounding enviromental factors impart into the distilled spirit that give your drink it's character.

So simply put - a 40%abv 12 year old will almost always have less flavour, and certainly less nose, than a 46%abv 12 year old.

6 years ago 0

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