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Talisker 57º North

Chilly monster!

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@galgReview by @galg

5th Apr 2010


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Nose: On first whiff, it reminds me of the ocean. Yes, clearly and island malt. Seeweed , Sugar Candied ginger . Some peat, Spice. Quite a briny character. Pepper is not very strong on the nose, however. Quite restrained in comparison to the Palate and finish (see below).

Palate: Oh dear. This is not a malt for the faint of hearted: Peat intertwined with Pepper (Yes, this is a Talisker, what did you expect, eh? ). It’s Quite salty on the tongue, salty and Oily. The 57% ABV is definitely felt on the tongue. This is a big-bodied malt.

Finish: Pepper. Chilly. Habanero. You name it. This is one of the most peppery finishes I’ve ever felt. You think the 10 year old is peppery? Try this hot mama of a finish. It’s absolutely biting. Wow! The spicy and chilly effect stays for a loooooong time. Oh,man!

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AboutChoice commented

Your review is prompting me to finally clarify what "pepper" means in a review; does it mean black pepper, or as I now feel from your review, hot peppers? And I am not sure whether you are experiencing a spice, or just hot alcohol? My drams always appear hot/spicey after a meal.

@gaig, I tried Tal 10 for the first time the other evening ... and I'm not sure what you meant by "... this is a Talisker, what do you expect?" I felt Tal 10 was medium smoky (only 25 ppm), dry, very smooth, and had a long, dry, warm, conservative and pleasant finish. Maybe my taster is worn out, but I didn't see anything bold or hot, as you characterize Taliskers ... will try again. Interesting review though, thanks.

12 years ago 0

galg commented

i mean, complex pepper and chilly finnish, as in hot pepper. the tali 57 is much spicier than the 10

12 years ago 0

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