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The One British Blended Whisky

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The One British Blended Whisky

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The One British Blended Whisky

The Lakes Distillery in Cumbria in the United Kingdom has only recently been founded and thus no single malt is available yet. To cover the costs during the period their first casks need to mature, they released a vodka, gin and whisky under the banner ‘The One’. The whisky is a blend.

The nose starts off closed and needs quite some hand warmth to give up any of its aromas. Then I get sweet malt, vanilla, apples and a nice hint of peat. Reminds me even a bit of Caol Ila, which is always a good thing. Heather and honey. Frosties.

Unfortunately it is very watery on the palate. Again it reminds me of a young Islay, although it is much sweeter than you would expect from such a whisky. Toffee and vanilla, white apples, breakfast cereals with sugar (okay, that is Frosties, right?) and a pinch of salt. A nice trace of smoke develops without dominating the palate.

The finish is warm and peppery, but not very long.

The nose did not amount to much, but I quite liked it on the palate. I am convinced it contains some young Islay. Nice blend, but you can get a nice single malt for this price as well. Around 40 EUR.


This is the blend bottled by the Lakes Distillery, which contains whiskies from around the British Isles.

It's pale amber in colour, and on the nose, orange zest, apricot and toffee, with a slightly drier, cereal note from the grains and a hint of smoke. In the mouth, full-bodied with a sweet, fruity arrival, lovely balanced grains, with honey, creamy vanilla, butterscotch, caramel, and then into the finish with ginger, then liquorice, then a dash of smoke. A great example of what a blend can achieve. Can't wait for the Lakes to be ready to release their own single malts if this is anything to go by.

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