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Three Ships 10 Year Old

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Three Ships 10 Year Old

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Three Ships 10 Year Old

I have been trying some more world Whisky recently. Trying to branch out from Scotch to see what else was out there. I have been very impressed with a lot of the "new world" Whisky and Three Ships was one I was keen to get a bottle of. Good marks for presentation, it comes in a lovely tin.

First released in 2003, Three Ships is a South African single malt whisky.

Nose plums, raisins, peat, toffee, salt and leather.

Palate offers oak, spices, burnt caramel and vanilla

Medium finish.

It's a really good effort. I feel that whilst it's nicely rounded you need to remember it is a 10 yr so with that in mind it stands up well to the competition.

Glad to see someone else tasting and reviewing these! They deserve some more press around here. The Three Ships was not quite rich enough to make it a top pick-- but then again, if the buyer is not quite rich enough, then it's really a good value.


Yes! My first South African single malt in the form of Three Ships 10 years old. This one is rated quite highly by all the critics so I was quite keen to have a go at it my self.

Quite an endearing nose this. Full and rounded and I like that it doesn't overpower. There's a definite bourbon influence with the dark chocolate and a light citrus drizzle which is accompanied by a hint of peat. All of this lying on a slab of sandalwood accompanied by green pears and freshly baked bread.

The medium bodied delivery is a touch delicate with a chocolate, honey and cinnamon mix. Chew it a bit longer and you'll be able to eke out the faintest of green pears. It's nice but it doesn't blow me away.

The long finish is oaky dry with a mild cinnamon rub.

Is this malt spectacular? No. Is it decent? Sure, why not?


Nose: (First green olive disappears quickly.) The main theme is light honey, split almonds, with a dusting of cinnamon and potpourri. Banana/vanilla/toffee tones emerge more after breathing.

Palate: Halfway between dry (underripe pitted fruit) and sweet (honey), the easy-going oak creates a full and gingery lemon & vanilla.

Finish: Tingly and dry oak spices for medium length, evoking lemon pith and nutmeg.

I got this "Best African Single Malt" as part of MasterOfMalt's DbtD package for Whisky Magazine 2013 winners. It is pleasant and easy to drink, improving as it breathes. The oak influence hits the right balance, and the lemon-vanilla salivates enough to be called "tasty". For this style of dram, my preference would be to have some buttery or nutty depth, to bring out the existing flavors (which are already full). But its (relative) lightness would make this a great starter or aperitif.

The closest reference point I have is the Balvenie Double Wood 12. The Tree Ships 10 is superior to that, though, replacing anise and unbalanced oak with more yellow fruit.

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