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Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old

Do the D.E.W. 12X

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@VictorReview by @Victor

28th Sep 2013


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This review is of the bottle open for 8 months

Nose: nice wine-scented spicy barley with gentle grain. There is also a honey-sweetness present. Very pleasant

Taste: sharp pointed flavours from both the barley whiskey and from the grain whiskey, with nice gentle wine around the edges. Yes, the grain does seem more aggressive on the palate than it does on the nose, and the flavour tastes to me to be of wheat primarily. This is quite sweet, but definitely not too much so. The vividness of the high quality flavours is the high point for Tullamore DEW 12 YO

Finish: moderate length for most of the flavours; finishes on a sweet honeyed note

Balance: this is a nice package, with more depth than has standard Tullamore DEW, which I also like. For those who like nice sharp and pointed Irish blended whiskey, Tullamore DEW 12 YO is quite a good choice

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Lifewaterforce commented

Very well composed and comprehensive review, started with Tullamore Dew and irish whiskies some 8-9 years ago, interesting to read about the 12 year old. Thanks again Victor

6 years ago 0

Megawatt commented

Hi Victor, what is it with Irish whiskies having this sharp taste? Anyway, nice review. I'd like to try this one. Have you had the 10 year old single malt? Just wondering how it compares to the 12 year old blend.

about one year ago 0

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