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Tullamore Dew

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Tullamore Dew

My wife wanted to make some Irish coffee so I obliged to pick her up a cheap Irish mixer. I couldn't recall ever having tried Tullamore Dew so picked up a bottle. While the wife was making her coffee I decided to pour a couple ounces in a glencairn to sip on this crisp Sunday afternoon while I listened to one of my favorite metal albums, Behemoth's "Zos Kia Cultas."

Nose: I mentioned the music because it matched the nose of this whisky. Metallic. There is a coppery, metallic note that is not what I would call pleasant. Looking beyond that, there are some floral/fruity notes. Pear, green apple, strawberry.

Palate: Hmm, not much going on here. Ah, there it is. Some light vanilla and fruit notes. It's almost like drinking a pinapple/strawberry fruit juice. Thankfully that coppery element is not here like it was on the nose. Refreshing, summer weather dram.

Finish: Some vanilla and strawberry finish things off quickly.

Overall: Just don't smell this before you drink it and it's not bad. Comparable to Jameson at about $3usd cheaper. I wouldn't get this again. For $4usd more I could get OGD 114. But for people not in bourbon country, this is a decent Irish mixer. Seems like it would go great in a fruity carbonated cocktail.

Thanks for the review. I've always thought about trying this.

A few years back I took over care of a patient from a colleague. He was Irish by birth. We were discussing whether it was ok to drink alcohol and I recommended writer's tears, at the time my favourite available Irish (having tasted it with my political mentor) of the few I had tried. My colleague (who had spent time in Ireland) recommended Tullamore D.E.W. - Thi sconversation played itself out over the months I was involved. After he died (expected, I'm a palliative care doc), his wife invited each of us over at separate times and gave us each a bottle, him the Tullamore, and me the WT. At the time I kind of thought it might have been more appropriate to give each of us a bottle of the other person's suggestion. After reading your review I'll keep the bottle I got...

Yeah, a typical standard Tullamore DEW batch would get low 70s from most people, +/- 5 points. At best a batch might rate 85 points. I've enjoyed standard Tullamore DEW a good bit at times, at other times not much. I found that my current somewhat rough around the edges 70s score bottle tastes better out of my Norlan glass. That glass cuts down on the flavours that are experienced. That trait seems to be an advantage with a slightly rough whiskey.

@casualtorture thank you for your review.


A simple Irish blend.

Nose - Ethanol, fairly harsh. Not something I want to get first thing I nose a drink. Some grainy notes with a very light vanilla.

Palate - Grainy sweetness, some vanilla and spice and that's it.

Finish - Not long. I think I actually preferred Jameson over this (time will tell). But I'll come back to it on another night and re-review it.

All in all, 'Bushmills Black Bush' is the key champion in this range of Irish blends, and packs complexity and price in a great little affordable bundle. As for Tullamore, it's got a long ways to go.


pours light brown. I can't say I'm getting a ton of the nose except for the alcohol. Didn't get much on the tongue from this one at first. For me compared to other traditions, Irish whiskys tended to be more muted in palate. As it further warms I get some fruitiness but not much else. It's smooth on the tongue and finishes clean. It's a decent sipping whisky but nothing particularly complex about it.


Pale straw colour, Thick legs running down the glass oily perhaps...Flavorful nose, citrus marmalade. Taste..oily indeed!, sweet marmalade then sudden spice attack, which contributes to a medium to long finish. When the finish has died out, there are still some spices sitting at the back of throat- a bit awkward. This blend improves with some water, the citrus pops up and the spices become managable.


I'm on vacation! Spent some time in Buffalo this weekend, coming back with 4.5L of spirit (yikes!) This was not one of them (but Part II is).

Tullamore Dew just went through a re-packaging, a wise move given the recent growth of Irish whiskey. Though I have no idea if it has helped sales, it is an improvement with a more attractive and slender bottle and more modern label design. They've also slightly changed the name on the label to Tullamore D.E.W., a nod to D.E. Williams who grew the distillery after the family took control in 1903. This bottle comes with a complimentary tumbler, if you are interested in swag.

The colour is a light gold, slightly cloudy. On the nose, quite a bit of malt, cooking apples, cinnamon and pastry; in other words, apple pie (but with the skins in it?) Caramel apples, as well. Linseed oil. Some rough sulphur, unfortunately. Extremely fruity (did I mention apple?) with some spicy pot still, but a little off. Even more green apple with water.

On the palate, more big juicy green apples with cinnamon and nutmeg. Marzipan - fairly sweet. Definitely some oak here, and more vanilla than on the nose. A little oily. Classic Irish though not outstanding. Water accentuates the pot still notes, and adds a little heat, which is great.

The finish is a little rough and a wee bit of sulphur comes back (though much less than on the nose). Mouth-watering but a bit chalky.

This whisky tastes a little moldy to my palate. It reminds me of the smell of windowpanes/curtains in old motels in dank climates.

That's cool you took a vacation, buddy. Did you eat any wings in Buffalo? Whoops, sorry. Cliché. Besides, Portland Oregon has better wings than Buffalo. Ohhhhhh. Did I hit a nerve? No? I didn't think so. I haven't eaten wings in years. Not since I watched Food Inc. and saw the segment on chickens. I still eat chicken all the time, but only the organically raised variety from local farms that are trustworthy.

Yes, there is a bit of "mouldy" - good call, which I think speaks to the sulphurous elements, it's a bit vegetal but not in a good way.

And yes. I ate wings. I also went to the Albright-Knox Gallery, one of the greatest Modern Art galleries in the world. And, ate wings at Anchor Bar (the originator of "Buffalo Wings.) Which was the greater cultural experience, Albright-Knox or Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings? Neither. They were both equally BRILLIANT. So was the Bills game on Sunday. All kinds of awesome all-round.


I almost forgot this one as given by the title.

Nose: Not much, green fruit in the way of apples and under ripe pears. It slowly gives way to dusty hay and grains. There's a note if alcohol as well.

Body: Relatively medium-thin with a slight oily texture that is most likely comes from the small percentage of single pot still whiskey that inhabits this blend.

Taste: Relatively sweet beginning, grains, grassy, and floral notes follow, slight spice but nothing memorable.

Finish: Short, and slightly spiced finish.

Overall: Not memorable but it is very drinkable, almost too drinkable. Which isn't always a good thing (this case being one of them). This particular whiskey would go well in a good whiskey and ginger ale especially if you use Fever Tree ginger beer.


Color: pale straw

Nose: Soft vanilla with traces of anise. Afer a while you'll discover some overripe mandarines. Water reveals some oaky notes.

Taste: Again some vanilla and on the back of the tonque some cocoa.

Finish: Quite short and dry.

Conclusion: A quite simplistic dram. Nothing too fancy, but a great appetiser excellent for use in the kitchen.

My original tasting notes (in Dutch) can be found on my tumblr blog A Tasty Dram: tastydram.tumblr.com/post/46056656360/…


Sweet grainy arival, followed by veggietable,floral middle, which developes into short fast uneventful finish. Good dram for whisky newcomers.


Tullamore Dew got its name not from morning dew but from the man whose influence on this distillery was invaluable: Daniel Edmond Williams. The owners, William Grants & Sons, recently received permission to build a whole new distillery on the outskirts of Tullamore. Hence, this whiskey will soon be coming back home. Since 1963 the production was outsourced to the Old Midleton distillery in the south of Ireland. The range got a new look last year as well. We are trying the Original, a blend of triple distilled whiskey.

The nose is light and soft. Honey, vanilla, breakfast cereals and a bit of citrus with just a pinch of spices. Very light, but very pleasant.

On the palate, this continues, but the emphasis is now more on citrus fruit. Lime zeste and some caramal join in. The spices are a tad louder now. Very smooth, though.

The finish is rather short and sweet.

This is the ideal aperitif style whiskey, light and accessible. Better than I remember. A bit of spring in your glass, so to speak. Perfectly equipped to make a hot toddy! Very friendly priced too.

Hmmm, never really thought about bying it, maybe i should...


This whisk(e)y is just pure sex. If they could bottle essence of sex this would be it delivered direct from the pussy lips of Claudia Schiffer....

It´s always refreshing if someone shows honest excitement but apart from the fact that we all (?!?) would like to learn from each others experiences (and therefore a more detailed review would be great) we should also keep our vocabulary in check...

Happened upon this review almost by accident (while browsing the Marketplace)... Well, one can hardly call this a review, of course. Both the words and the score are, to put it midly, a bit off.

On the other hand, we can only envy Schmal. If he is describing the taste from experience (which is what we all must strive for and the only way to give a correct impression of your experience of whisky)... then he's one lucky guy. Somehow, I have my doubts, though.


Nose: A lot of spices there, cinnamon in particular and some vanilla hiding behind the spice. A little bit of fruit too.

Palate: Very light feel, almost too watery for my liking. Slight taste of spices, but not as strong as on the nose. Some more vanilla as well. Slight hint of wood.

Finish: A very unremarkable but smooth and soft finish. Quite short, but some people might like that.

A decent whiskey for starting a night of tasting off.



I had my first taste of this Irish whisky this afternoon during lunch with co-workers. Normally I wouldn't spend that much time tasting during a work lunch, but this time, I had the Connosr community in mind :-). I asked two fingers, no ice (JohnoftheYard will be happy).

Here goes.

The nose was a mix of lemon and spices with a slight undertone of vanilla.

It has a very clear taste (according to the bartender, that comes from its triple distilling and ageing in oak casks - I take his word for it).

It was very smooth and hence ideal as aperitif before lunch. The body is a little buttery with a tad of citrus.

It has a smooth finish but a bit short to my taste.

Nothing too fancy in my opinion, but a very good 'every day' whisky.

Definitely agree with your review (though I'd give it a 7). Tullamore is up there with Powers on my list of (too-)easy-to-drink whiskeys to start an evening off with.

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