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Tullibardine 500 Sherry Finish

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Tullibardine 500 Sherry Finish

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Tullibardine 500 Sherry Finish

Tullibardine finished their single malt on a 500 litre sherry butt (hence the name of this release), which previously contained the king of sherry: Pedro Ximenez. No word on age or vintage, though.

Ha! I just put my nose in the glass and immediately I am transported to the fairground. Pomme d’Amour (which translates into apples of love and sounds so much better than simply toffee apples, but it is the same). You know: the apples with a red caramel coating. Also loads of dark fruit and sugared almonds. It even has a green edge, as if from the bark of a young tree. Softly spiced.

Creamy on the palate. But soft. Nuts and dark fruit arrived first, followed by red berries, dades and rum raisins. Dark honey. Full of flavor, actually. Loads of spices as well. Cloves, cinnamon and a bit of pepper. Even reminds me a bit of chocolate.

The finish is a bit short in my opinion, but remains creamy on butterscotch and spices. At the death, the red berries reappear.

Quite a nice Tulli and the best of the new range in my book. Just under 40 EUR.


This is my 2nd bottle from this distillery; the first being a G&M Connoisseurs Choice. It's part of their newly revamped range that looks very appetising.

I reviewed the G&M release a couple of months ago and thought it was interesting and different rather than great. So looking forward to an official Tullibardine bottling.

I get dark fruits and sugary spiciness on the nose. Sugared almonds perhaps. Underneath a bit of freshly cut grass and nuts. Quite warming and rich.

Nutty cereal and very fruity palate. Raisin-like. I guess I could almost describe it as Alpen Muesli but there is also a hint of sharp red berries. Gentle mouthfeel but intense flavour.

A bit too short on the finish. Not much really lingers other than a mild fruitiness. But for the sub-£40 price mark this is very good.

As a side note: I'm rapidly drawing the conclusion that G&M do not do some distilleries proper justice, particularly at the lower end of the price range. This official release from Tullibardine was much nicer than the Connoisseurs Choice release I tried, and it cost less. I've had quite a few other examples from them that I've not been impressed with, (across a range of distilleries).

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