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Tyrconnell Single Malt

Irish High Pitched Barley Malt

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@VictorReview by @Victor

13th Feb 2011


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Tyrconnell is the name of an Irish racehorse that won the Irish Produce Derby in 1876 at 100-1 odds. The review sample is the basic 10 yr old Tyrconnell Single Malt. There are also Port, Madeira, and Sherry finished versions. Tyrconnell is distilled at the Cooley Distillery in the Republic of Ireland

Nose: ripe grain, honey, pears. The nose is very pleasant

Taste: there are many very high pitched barley malt grain notes here. There is some wood flavour, but it stays mostly in the background. This whisky is sweet, but has a strong counterbalancing sourness in it as well. A gentle pear flavour is also quite noticeable. This is a whiskey of mostly high and middle notes

Finish: the flavours last rather long, and diminish rather slowly together at about the same rate

Balance: I would enjoy this more if there were stronger wood notes to anchor the flavours and give a balance to the high and middle notes. The flavours here seem incomplete to me

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Pudge72 commented

A well described review of this bottle, @Victor! You detailed the sensations of counterbalancing notes that I experienced with this dram.

I had a double sized dram of this (I believe from a just opened bottle) prior to the Buffalo Sabres game I attended yesterday (a great deal, as I was only charged for a standard serving). I also noticed a light smokiness to this offering (likely from the wood notes you describe. I was happy to try a dram, though I am on the fence as to whether to buy a bottle (a very reasonable $48 at the LCBO).

11 years ago 0

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