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US*1 Single Barrel Rye

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US*1 Single Barrel Rye

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US*1 Single Barrel Rye

Michter's Single Barrel Rye has a huge dose of rye in the mix, a lot more than the requisite 51%. According to legend it was this whiskey that George Washington sent to the front during the Civil War. This should explain why the label says 'The Whisky that warmed the American Revolution'.

The nose is clearly rye-driven. Loads of spices (pepper and a lot of cardamom) and nice hints of dried flowers, orange peel and dried grasses. I also get some almond shavings, caramel and maple syrup. It is quite prickly on the nose, despite the modest ABV. Nice nose.

While the body is light, the taste is quite good. Oranges again, not only the peel but also the juice, and a marmalade of all kinds of red and dark berries. A twig of mint keeps it fresh. Lovely honey. Cardamom again. It balances the sweetness on the one hand and the spicyness on the other hand beautifully. Midpalate it turns a bit dry.

The finish is long and even spicier. It gets a herbal side at the death, keeping the sweetness under control.

This is a lovely rye whiskey, without jumping out at you. Middle of the road is what they call something like this.

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