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W. L. Weller 60/40 Old Weller Antique / W.L.Weller 12 yr blend

Weller House Blend

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27th Nov 2013


W. L. Weller 60/40 Old Weller Antique / W.L.Weller 12 yr blend
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I have taken the advise of many online experts and blended my Old Weller Antique and my W.L.Weller 12 yr wheated bourbons. The mix is 60% OWA and 40% Weller 12 yr. The OWA is 53.5% ABV and Weller 12 is 45% ABV on their own , this marriage should be around 50% ABV. The bourbons have been blend together for 2 months. Nose is slightly oaky with cinnamon and seems to take the alcohol punch that comes with OWA on its own. Buttery mouthfeel and plenty of cinnamon, vanilla and oak. Where I find the Weller 12 to oaky and watery and the OWA to alcohol forward on their own. This blend tones down the rough edges and livens up the mouth feel. I did a side by side with my Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr and this blend and they were very similar. Overall a great blend of 2 affordable and attainable bourbons at $25 for Weller 12 and $21 for OWA. Have some fun and mix up the % of the blend and time they sit in decanter before you consume. It has become one of my favorites and is always in my bar.

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Victor commented

The vatting tastes close to Van Winkle 10-107? That is very good to hear. I'm surprised I haven't gotten around to trying this vatting myself before now. Probably because I like my current open bottles of each of them enough not to want to experiment to try to improve on them. But I am still drinking on a bottle of OWA107 which was bottled in 2008. I haven't tried any of the more recent juice yet.

10 years ago 0

Cardinal commented

My bottle of ORVW 10YR 107 was a 2010 and has been open for about a year. My OWA and Weller 12 are current bottles that were blended for 2 months. Very close in my opinion , but I could be way off also! Either way it takes 2 bottles that I really like on their own to a blend that I love.

10 years ago 0