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What Are Your White Whales?

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By @MadSingleMalt @MadSingleMalt on 1st Nov 2017, show post

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TracerBullet replied

@casualtorture That's the way to do it - Drink it! Preferably with friends and family.

I do have an old bottle of The Macallan that is getting so pricey now that I am tempted to sell it. I'd use the proceeds to by more bottles of Whisky!

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Wierdo replied

@TracerBullet regarding Macallan I saw a 1990 price list for Cadenheads the other day. 30 year old Macallan £52 a bottle. Port Ellen 12 year old for about £40.

If only I had a time machine sleepy

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Wierdo replied

In terms if my white whales I have 2 lists. One list where realistically I'm never going to own a bottle. I'll be lucky if I one day just have a dram because the price for a bottle is out of my income bracket. Then a second list of very expensive bottles that if I really wanted to I could probably save up for a bottle or put one on the credit card and pay it off over a few months they're just a bit more expensive than I really want to pay.

All the whiskies on my list are scotches.

List one is mostly the old defunct distilleries a Brora, a Port Ellen. Maybe an old Macallan (just to see what all the fuss is about.) Also probably an old Lagavulin or Talisker something 25- 30 years old.

Then my achievable but expensive list includes a bottle of Daftmill. An Octomore .3 (one of the local barley Octomores because apart from anything else the bottles are just too damn cool). A 25 year old Springbank. This is the most expensive bottle on my attainable list. Would cost me £400-500 for a bottle. Way, way more than I've ever paid for any bottle in the past. But Springbank is my favourite distillery hands down. I have a bottle of the Springbank 21 I'm saving to open for my 50th in a couple of years. Maybe when I'm retiring I'll get a bottle of the 25 to mark the occasion. Although the way prices are going it might mean that when I'm ready to retire I'd have to delay my retirement by a couple of years to afford a bottle of the 25!

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