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What did you NOT buy and why?

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By g @gfc on 21st Jan 2018, show post

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Hewie replied

Well I'm excited to say the least. One of 84 bottles. I'm happy to pay the same as I'd pay for an Oogie or Corry in the bottle shop.

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Hewie replied


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KRB80 replied

@Hewie Enjoy!! Them single cask Longrows are always phenomenal!

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Nozinan replied

I really thought it would be different this time.

Given that I didn't want a bottle of the Blanton's Gold for myself, I expected that I would at least win the privilege to buy one for someone else.

Add me to the 0-fer club....

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BlueNote replied

@OdysseusUnbound @Nozinan I guess someone from the BC Liquor Branch has been visiting Ontario. Now their overpriced Summer Special Spirit Release will be available by lottery. Gee, I hope I get chosen to give them my money. unamused

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I didn't buy Weller Special Reserve or Weller Antique 107. Both are in stock at the LCBO, but I refuse to pay $65 for OWA, and I'm not all that interested in the SR.

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I didn’t buy EH Taylor Small Batch BiB bourbon. It was in stock online this morning on the KGBO website (but not on the app......shocking, I know), but $89 for a 50% abv bourbon I’ve never tried seems a little steep to me. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s “just ok”, but I’m not spending that kind of money without having tried it first.

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JayRain replied


Do any of the LCBO in your area have a Tasting area? Might find an open bottle there to sample (at a very minimal cost)

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@JayRain No. I’m not in Toronto, the GTA, or Ottawa. As far as LCBO management is concerned, urban centres with less than 500 000 people are irrelevant.

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@Astroke and that’s the thing. I stocked up at $36 (I have 6 unopened bottles). Once those bottles of OWA are gone, I’m unlikely to replace them. I’m petty and vindictive like that. I should probably stock up on WT 101 and WT Rare Breed while they’re still reasonably priced because it’s only a matter of time until those jump up too.

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Astroke replied

@OdysseusUnbound I think WT products pricing for their standard products should not jump by leaps and bounds as there really is not the rampant desire to have one due to hype. I would like see the LCBO get in on the Russell's Reserve SiB picks (or regular shelf bottles) like they did with Makers Mark Select. Almost every WT product ends up n Ontario except the RR line.

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TracerBullet replied

@OdysseusUnbound That bottle of EH Taylor BiB that I posted a while back was picked up for me by a friend visiting the distillery. Apparently they put out a bottle every once-in-awhile at MSRP. So I got the bottle for $43. That seems about right for this bottle.

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