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What did you NOT buy and why?

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By g @gfc on 21st Jan 2018, show post

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cricklewood replied

@CanadianNinja I have an acquaintance that lives in Mejiro, there is a definitely a lack of modern Canadian expressions but he recently purchased a bottle of Alberta premium that had a 1973 tax label on it, he mentioned it was easily available and cost the equivalent of about 30$Can.

Keep an eye on the whisky exchange site they've recently listed some of the rare editions from Wiser's.

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I didn’t buy any BTAC/Weller bottles since I’ve maintained my oh-fer streak. Three of my friends also entered (on my behalf) and all went oh-fer. Oh well.

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Astroke replied

@OdysseusUnbound well OF 1920 is readily available and better than most of the hyped bottles in the LCBO lottery. Destined for "What bottle did you buy and why?"

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Jonathan replied

I would like to try Springbank Rum Wood 15 Year Old , but 140$ or so is way out of my current ballpark. On top of that, I don't think it's a dram I would fully appreciate. And I love the Springbank 12CS, the 10, Kilkerran 8 and 12, the Longrow Red, and the Hazelburns I have tasted...but hey, we all have our limits.

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I didn’t buy a Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch. The LCBO “offered” me one when I called them out on their Stagg Jr shenanigans. For those who aren’t as familiar with this, basically the Stagg Jr was supposed to go to a “second chance” lottery and didn’t. Instead several cases went to one Toronto store. When I called them out on it, the fine people at the LCBO offered to send me a bottle of Taylor, but the email was vague as to whether I had to pay for this bottle or not. It turns out I did have to pay for it, which isn’t entirely surprising. I refused delivery of the bottle as I’m not all that interested in the EHT SmB

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cricklewood replied

@OdysseusUnbound I understand your logic I would take a Stagg Jr. over a EHTSB , still kind of nice they offered you something I suppose...

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@cricklewood Oh for sure. And I wasn’t really expecting to get it for free, but the email was vague and I thought it was worth a shot.

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fiddich1980 replied

@OdysseusUnbound If they can offer you an CEHTsmb then that means the LCBO is also hold back on the 2nd chance lottery allocation for those that didn't get the privilege of buying a CEHTsmb on the first try. Then LCBO can shove this corn where the sun doesn't shine! ... apologies didn't mean to rant.

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Nozinan replied

I did NOT buy this. It was a gift from the mother of a colleague. She brought it back from Israel in early Feb. I think (before the COVID madness) and was saving it for Purim when it is traditional to give gifts.

I think this is what I tasted at the M&H distillery in December but it was not available for sale until 2020. I will confirm.

On reflection, I’ll probably add this to that thread as well. Maybe after confirming with the distillery.

I was planning on opening my single cask self-bottling this month but now.... maybe I will open this one today then I can do a H2H!

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan NCF, natural colour, 46% and a nice looking bottle and label. All the right attributes. Look forward to your review. Have you heard if it will be coming to Canada?

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Nozinan replied

@BlueNote if this is the 3YO I tried at the distillery, they said yes. But they also said Ontario and KGBO says they don’t have an agent. Maybe you will do better.

BTW... it’s really good!

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RianC replied

JD SB Barrel proof. I'm about half way down my bottle and love it but am on a self imposed no buying policy for the rest of the year. All this lurgy going round is likely to bring on school closures and that is going to hit my cash flow rather hard. Shame as at £55 I think this is one of the best bourbon deals in the UK currently.

Edit - looks like they've sold out actually and I can't see such a low price happening again either. One that got away then ...

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Nozinan replied

@RianC Too bad. At the price hand sanitizer is going for now.... that would have been a steal. With the bonus you could lick your hands...

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