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Nozinan started a discussion

Ye first time I tried Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve it was at the distillery shop. I was picking up my numbered bottles and asked if there was a way to taste what I was buying so I wouldn't have to open the bottles I was planning to save for my kids.

The lady behind the bar served me a sample in a glass I can now best describe as a miniature version of a glencairn glass.

Now I do like my glencairns, but I feel that the FC tasted best that day in that glass, and I've often wondered what scotch would taste like I'm that glass ( and wished I had one for the FC.

Does anyone have any idea what the glasses are called, who makes them and where one might obtain them?

10 years ago

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tfahey1298 replied

I would send a note to FC via their contact page: www.fortycreekwhisky.com/contactus.html and ask them where they sourced the glassware.

If you do find out the source, post a reply to your thread.

On the topic of glassware... The glassware you use does impact on the nosing experience, as you have noted. There are a number of discussions on glassware here on connosr.com, I'll try and link some below:

Villeroy & Boch review connosr.com/videos/…

You can get them online (in Canada) here: www.villeroy-boch.com/en/ca/ Just search for "scotch whisky" once there.

I usually use the standard Glencairn nosing glass, but was intrigued by the review posted by Piero (above link), so I ordered two each of the three V&B single malt glasses - the 100mm "Islands" tumbler, the 116mm "Highlands" tumbler and the 200mm (stemmed) "nosing goblet". I do get more flavours and nuances when using the V&B's than the Glencairn.

I also picked up some of the Glencairn "Canadian" whisky glasses when they were on sale at the LCBO. Better than a normal tumbler, but not as good as the classic Glencairn or V&B's, I do like to use them for my Forty Creek, though, or for a whisky based cocktail. I believe WhiskyGlass.ca sells them.

I know there was quite a discussion regarding the NEAT vs Glencairn glass - but I am unable to locate the thread... I have not purchased one, so I have no personal comments - here's the web site: www.theneatglass.com

Found the connosr link to the "Which Glass" discussion: connosr.com/wall/discussion/…

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