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Wild Turkey 8 Year Old

My first bourbon - what a nose! Wow, anyone?

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

15th Oct 2009


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OK, this is the first time that I've tasted a bourbon, after having read up on it. The nose... ah, the nose: it's big (can you say that?). Very sweet, like chocolate and loads of dark fruits like prune or molasses even. Upon the second whiff, I got some leather and corn. Impressive. I mean, like... wow!

Take a good look at the liquid when you swirl it around in your glass. It sticks to it for a long, long time. Like syrup.

My first sip got me to open my eyes in surprise. Wow again!

There's definitely raisins in there with a touch of - don't laugh - chocolate mousse. Caramel on the second sip.

And then the finish. Is there even one? It is very long and complex, burns warmly and very intensely.

It may be me - or the fact that this is my first bourbon (meaning not made from malt, but grain (corn and a bit of wheat, according to the official website), but if this is what bourbon is all about, then I'm positive that this will not be my last.

Wow! Double wow! Who would have thought? Wow! (ok, enough with the wow already, but you get the picture).


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jeanluc commented

Big nosed bourbon. I've not tried Wild Turkey but this sounds ok.

14 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

Re-reading this review, it does look like I got a little carried away, but it really is something you should try. I'm going to get me some more bourbon. I'll be back :-)

14 years ago 0

galg commented

i am not much of a bourbon lover myself, but the 8 year old WT, is not one of the best i am afraid. dont care for it. at all

14 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

@markjedi Have you tried Bulleit Bourbon? Most enjoyable.

I also here Woodford Reserve is very nice.


14 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

Nope, like I said, this was my first bourbon. I'll see what I can find when I go shopping this weekend :-)

14 years ago 0

dXIIIr commented

Wild Turkey was my first bourbon as well (Jack Daniel's - not a bourbon by name - not taken into account)...I must say I found it quite surprising as well, and I advice whiskydrinkers to try a bourbon as for what it is: a bourbon. A tad sweeter than an average malt, but definitely worth trying. I've got a Knob Creek in my cabinet right now: less syruppy sweet, but still 101 proof :) and nice excercise in taste ;) ...

14 years ago 0

ryanthesculptor commented

I just had a sample of Wild Turkey. I don't recall what "expression" it was but I think it was the cheapest one. I gotta tell ya it... was... horrrrid!! I am no snob, I drink plenty of Teacher's and such but this tasted like some one cut some Bourbon with rubbing alcohol. Thankfully my first experience with Bourbon was Elijah Craig and I went home and washed out my mouth with it.

12 years ago 0

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