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Wild Turkey 8 Year Old

Average score from 6 reviews and 21 ratings 84

Wild Turkey 8 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Wild Turkey
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 50.5%
  • Age: 8 year old

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Wild Turkey 8 Year Old

This is an outstanding bourbon, I can't belive that is cost twenty dollars.

Nose: very robust, spice, caramel, oak, vanilla, and a nice brashness. Palate: Has a meaty feel to it, spice, caramel, oak, vanilla, butterscotch and overall it is very dry. Finish: Still meaty, with a lingering spice, vanilla, caramel, oak and butterscotch.

The meatyness is odd and drops it down by a few points still above Elmer T Lee.

My phone cut me off, the palate is meaty, rich, and robust.


Colour: Copper Legs: Thin & slow, strong oily whiskey Nose: Red grapes, figs, honey, hay. Taste: Spice, chocolate, honey, liquorish, SPICE Finish: Long, burning sensation, Slightly bitter aftertaste. Balance: With no water you get a full flavor rounded toffe honey "ball" encapsulating alcohol & fiery spice, which swiftly explodes in your mouth, leaving a satisfying finish.


I used to drink this all the time. Its very smooth but not as much flavor as other bourbon. That being said it is still very good whisky


“Don’t lean out the car like that my friend, you could die” said the taxi driver. But I needed the air. It was four in the morning and I was hanging on for dear life. Two hours ago I had been in a basement bar in London drinking WILD TURKEY.

This particular bar sits on a small alley that cuts off the corner of Oxford Street. It’s managed by Spaniards and the man who served me looked like John Claude Van Damme with a beard. As we entered the bar, Van Damme and a larger barman were arguing with a suited drinker about whether he pushed in. There was lots of finger pointing which escalated to pushing and shoving - all this was taking place to Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Spingsteen, which was playing on the 70s Juke Box by the front door. The staff always seem a little on edge in Bradleys.

Three doubles of Wild Turkey left me only a few coins change from a twenty note and the stifling heat meant I was drinking more hastily. A few more and I was beginning to appreciate the unsubtle flavours of the drink.

Wild Turkey 8 Year is a hot woody bourbon that most people try to tame with ice. I took it straight. This makes it a harder to drink but the smell and flavour aren’t lost in the melting stale bar water that ice rapidly becomes in a hot basement.

After a few glasses you start to taste honey and smoke notes that seem to linger in there amongst pine trees and a general taste of the Old West - if the Old West has a taste, that’s what it would taste like.

At 101 proof, Wild Turkey is a wild drink and should be approached with caution. I would say drink responsibly, but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

@Edward That's certainly quite the story.


All I can say is wow! I've had various bourbons and this one knocks them all out. Powerful, flavorful, sweet, spicy...I think I just found my benchmark bourbon.


OK, this is the first time that I've tasted a bourbon, after having read up on it. The nose... ah, the nose: it's big (can you say that?). Very sweet, like chocolate and loads of dark fruits like prune or molasses even. Upon the second whiff, I got some leather and corn. Impressive. I mean, like... wow!

Take a good look at the liquid when you swirl it around in your glass. It sticks to it for a long, long time. Like syrup.

My first sip got me to open my eyes in surprise. Wow again!

There's definitely raisins in there with a touch of - don't laugh - chocolate mousse. Caramel on the second sip.

And then the finish. Is there even one? It is very long and complex, burns warmly and very intensely.

It may be me - or the fact that this is my first bourbon (meaning not made from malt, but grain (corn and a bit of wheat, according to the official website), but if this is what bourbon is all about, then I'm positive that this will not be my last.

Wow! Double wow! Who would have thought? Wow! (ok, enough with the wow already, but you get the picture).


Wild Turkey was my first bourbon as well (Jack Daniel's - not a bourbon by name - not taken into account)...I must say I found it quite surprising as well, and I advice whiskydrinkers to try a bourbon as for what it is: a bourbon. A tad sweeter than an average malt, but definitely worth trying. I've got a Knob Creek in my cabinet right now: less syruppy sweet, but still 101 proof :) and nice excercise in taste ;) ...

I just had a sample of Wild Turkey. I don't recall what "expression" it was but I think it was the cheapest one. I gotta tell ya it... was... horrrrid!! I am no snob, I drink plenty of Teacher's and such but this tasted like some one cut some Bourbon with rubbing alcohol. Thankfully my first experience with Bourbon was Elijah Craig and I went home and washed out my mouth with it.

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