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Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye 6 Year Old

Average score from 3 reviews and 3 ratings 85

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye 6 Year Old

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Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye 6 Year Old

Nose: Very clean and fresh nose. You get hints of grain, mint, cinnamon powder, some light vanilla's with some caramel.

Taste: Sweet arrival. Turns spicy, but a soft spice not a lot of power to this. Vanilla is prominent as is the grain. Slightly minty and herbal. Some orange peel or orange peel acid. It's a light bodied Rye and very mild. Not much power here.

Finish: Wood, mint, herbal, and earthy. Silky finish.

Overall a decent Rye but not too much complexity or power here. If you want the Rye to be in your face, look elsewhere.


At my local grocery store I've always noticed this particular bottle of rye whiskey, it was the only one there and it looked like just to fill up space on the shelf. So I decided it was about the time where I try the reemerging style that is rye whiskey.

Nose: Sweet like a bourbon with vanilla, caramel, maple syrup and oddly sweet almonds. I was expecting something else... not entirely sure given the lack of experience of rye whiskey.

Body: Medium weight and relatively smooth with a notable tingle on the tongue more so than the E.C.12

Taste: Spicy is the predominate flavor which is expected. I detect rye spice and fall baking spices i.e. nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and some black pepper. This taste is quite contrasting from the nose. This is interesting....

Finish: Short yet powerful ending with the bursts of spicy rye and pepper with a drying ending.

Overall: Not entirely sure if this is a proper feel of a Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey so comments are welcome especially if you have a suggestion for a better rye. As a first time rye drinker this was a reasonably pleasurable experience.

I understand the effort that has to be made in order to keep this site running and its greatly appreciated. I would agree that in the list of priorities finding the pictures for every bottling made by every distiller especially for the whiskies that haven't had a review made upon it would be low and that's fine with me as there are more important things to do for this site. I was just wondering as when this bottling was started as most bottlings are older than me.

@GotOak91, no, Russell's Reserve Rye has been around quite some time. People writing reviews of rye whiskeys on connosr haven't been around for so long. There's a large amount of work keeping up with the many brands for our Connosr tech crew. Until there is a review of a whiskey there isn't a compelling reason to search out all of the brands, and there are many other tasks demanding tech attention on Connosr.


Russell's Reserve is the selection of master distiller Jimmy Russell of Austin Nichols/Wild Turkey, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Nose: oak, caramel, vanilla

Taste: this comes on with a lot of low wood notes early, is rather sweet, but that sweetness is disguised by the strong rye spices. This has a much lower pitch than most ryes, but not nearly as low as the Van Winkle Rye. I almost never add water to rye whiskey, but it actually opens up the flavours with this whiskey quite a lot

Finish: long, with wood tones dominating spiciness at the periphery

Balance: this is woody in the way that some 15+ yr old bourbons are woody-- a remarkable thing in that the Russell's Reserve Rye is only 6 years in the wood. This is one whiskey that those who like big oak flavours will like and those who do not like the strong wood flavours will probably not care for

This one has much more vanilla then one would expect from a rye whiskey. I love sipping this one when I want a 'light' rye. (i.e. sweet over spice but not corn/maze sweet). I would rate it in the low 90s

@joshk, I can easily understand how a person could rate the Russell's Reserve Rye as high as perhaps 92. There are no real flaws here, just an individual preference for flavour profiles. Jim Murray gave this whiskey a 91 in his 2011 Whisky Bible.

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