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Wild Turkey Rye

Bland but drinkable rye

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@adnielsenReview by @adnielsen

19th Nov 2013


Wild Turkey Rye
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nose: caramel, vanilla, plastic, spice, burnt bread

flavor: very spicy rye, cinnamon, vanilla, fairly woody, lemon, black pepper

finish: a bit harsh, woody, slight burnt, light citrus

overall: initially kind of turned off by some harsh boozy notes, but I did end up enjoying how much rye lingers on the tongue. not overly entertaining or complex but I'm sure it's enjoyable enough if you're looking for an affordable dose of high boost. 750mL purchased at Wilbur's Fort Collins for $24.99

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Victor commented

For a connoisseur, it is usually not a good idea to buy either bourbons or US ryes below 45% ABV. The 40% products are INTENDED for mixing. 50% ABV is an even better minimum, though there are some great 45% ABV products. Occasionally a very good batch of rye will come through at 40% ABV, but that is ONLY occasionally, and it seems that now that rye whiskey demand is much larger worldwide than it has been since the onset of Prohibition, that brands are upselling their better barrels...i.e. selling the best barrels as premium products at higher prices. 40% Jim Beam Yellow Label Rye was a lot better 5 years ago than it is today, largely, I think, because those barrels of Knob Creek 50% ABV Rye have to come from somewhere.

10 years ago 0

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